Friday, March 11, 2011

Update your living room on a budget

I'm not exactly Mrs. Moneybags, and although I LOVE design and fancy furniture and accessories and expensive fabrics... and the list goes on....... i still LOVE a bargain!
Seems that the biggest problem for most people is designing their space on a tight budget. (This is at least what most my friends tell me.. I guess they're not a Mrs. Moneybags either- must be why we get along!)

Anywho, I think it's super important to live the way you want to, in a home that represents you, that makes you happy when you walk in. I think it's a big deal to reflect your personality in the way you decorate.. but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank.  Tell your husbands this!

I did a little brainstorming and researching (and shopping!) to show you how you can have a fun space for under $1000. K so I realize some of you are thinking- Ummm I don't have even close to an extra $1000 laying around! But what I want to emphasize is that these things take time, patience, and yes money, but depending on what you already have, you can still save even more. 

Do most of us have a couch? Probably... but it could be really ugly. So slipcovers are a great alternative & they supposedly fit a lot nicer nowadays. Your biggest piece of furniture solved- for $90.

With a little researching, you can find great deals on amazon, overstock, csn, ikea to make your space YOURS.

And a little elbow grease doesn't hurt either! These are estimates of what Craig'sList finds cost but remember you can always talk em down!! Get your creative mindset on, and attack those projects yourself to create, in this case, one-of-a-kind chairs, and very unique "spool" side tables! 

Use what you already have. If you've already got a decent pair of lamps, don't buy these from Ikea. Paint your bases, or cover the shades with fabric! Or instead of buying those etsy art prints, rip out calendar pictures that you love to fill the frames. 

TOTAL for this room: $994
It can be done my friends!

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