Thursday, March 10, 2011

Calling all DIY-ers!

I want some help with a project. 
I hate this clock that we got for our wedding. I mean, it's nice and still in top shape, but I hate being tied down to this deep red & black in our kitchen. It's just too Utah for me to be honest..

Instead of chucking it & buying a new one, I wanna get creative and transform it.... something like this from Ballard:
Super cute right? I'm a sucker for white, but I just feel like it'll be more versatile, for wherever we'll be living next.
So the catch is this- On my clock, the gold dividers are raised, so I'll probably keep em. But the numbers are painted on, so if I painted the whole thing white, I'd need some sort of stencil or stickers of numbers (or roman numerals). Who might know where to get those?? I've looked around somewhat but have had no luck, and I am NOT about to paint em on myself!! I am not artsy like that.
I want your suggestions please!! Email  me or leave a comment!

This is so extremely random, but it's so cute I have to post it. My sister just made these owl cupcakes and just barely texted it to me...
I know, I should be asking HER for creative advice right?

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