Friday, March 18, 2011

Health tip of the day

Okay okay I realize this is a design blog, but sometimes I just want to post about something else. From the looks of it, most my readers and followers (if not all) are women, and I don't think I'm very far off to say that we as women are so pressured to be thin and look good, and be healthy.
My real area of expertise, after all is fitness, so I'm offering some tidbits that help ME, and hopefully they will help YOU too! (Not that this is totally news to you, but a reminder is always good!)

I was fortunate to get off all my baby weight and then some, after having my son almost a year and a half ago. And since I'm still a few pounds shy of where I wanna be, I'm still working on it! (We're never really satisfied are we?)

One of my biggest problems, and maybe some of yours is snacking... I love it too much. And I have to eat every couple of hours. So my solution is:

I buy TONS of fruit, and TONS of vegetables, cut them up and mix em up in 2 bowls. When you've got fresh produce already ready to eat, you are 10 times more likely to choose them over crap food. I mix up some light ranch to dip the veggies in, or buy a tub of hummus. Because I dunno about you, I don't crave celery, or enjoy plain carrots...

You'd be amazed at how much more fruit & veggies you end up eating in an day!!

Oh and PS I just discovered these a few weeks ago and I'm obsessed...


  1. Thanks for this post. Don't you love posting about fun things? I enjoyed this because since getting put on partial bed rest I have started to gain some weight-o. I want to continue to eat healthy! =)

  2. I used to love those Wasabi Soy Almonds! Unfortunate I ate a bunch while on a roadtrip and got carsick. Ever since then I just can't really enjoy them!

    Having fresh fruit/veggies on hand is such a great tip - it's one of those things that are so incredibly simple, yet so few people actually do. Lately I've been buying my produce at Costco - I hate letting food spoil, so having a TON of spinach to get rid of before it spoils is great motivation for having some greens everyday :)


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