Friday, March 4, 2011

i hate blue

Yes I said it... I'm not a fan of blue. Shocking I know, but isn't EVERYONE'S favorite color blue??? Maybe I'm just trying to be different, but blue has never caught my attention. HOWEVER, strangely enough, lately I am really starting to like it. What the heck?? I think it has to be just the right shades for me, but I am loving me some peacock blue, and some cobalt blue, and heck even some navy!

Here's some images that have been converting me:
I probably love this one because of the green chairs, but I admit those dark blue walls are quite nice

Why do I love this Ikat fabric so much? Cuz it's awesome, that's why, and yes it's blue

 Don't love a lot of these patterns but when blue is paired with something like orange to make it pop, what's not to like?

Oops kinda blurry. But blue and gold, and white is just plain awesome. 

And get this craziness... I'm even thinking about putting navy in my bedroom! (in a new different house of course), but I'm loving these colors together! (Not necessarily the patterns, just FYI.. after all, the first pattern is a calendar, but it provided some inspiration!).

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