Monday, March 7, 2011

some lovelies to inspire you....

So I'm in a makeover mood still. Here's some of my favorites as of late!

On Craig's List, search for "pair." You'll find some awesome furniture pieces or lamps such as these that you can make amazing!! (from design sponge)

Hideous chair (design sponge)

Cute yes? I mean Valentines is over, but I'd still rock this in my house...

hi sugarplum!

After Stacie's kitchen makeover to white cupboards, I just had to post some more. The difference is amazing. This is Joi's kitchen makeover from Nuestra Vida Dulce, just featured on design sponge! This girl knows how to make it happen...
Don't you love it?!

So this kitchen was alright before. I mean, at least the woodwork looks better than most I've seen.

I am in love. This is just awesome

Have any projects or makeovers you're proud of?? Send me an email!

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