Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Help wanted

Ladies. I need your input. This is crucial.
I have the worst time picking things out on my own, and of course, my husband is of no assistance in matters like this...

So I thought I had a suit picked out, but I've still been looking around, and now I like 4 and can't decide. And let's be honest.. I've never put on a blinged-out crazy suit before...
Initially, I decided on this purple number.
 and they have something very similar in red.
 Then I found another website, that's slightly more expensive but I feel like they look better...
hot pink?
Green- my life-long love. I'm really liking this green one, but it is the most expensive.

So I welcome and encourage (and am telling you!) to give suggestions! Does it matter that much? I have no idea.. but ya know how you look at things so long that your judgment is clouded? That is me. 
Now go!

Funny fitness

K guys, don't be turned off by the title, but Jamie Eason, who is freaking awesome....
posted this on her facebook page, and you might not get it or think it's funny.
BUT if you have any experience in the fitness competition industry, you can relate to some of these things, as I now can =)
I realize this looks really, ummm inappropriate, but I promise it's just funny

Anyway, I thought it was hilarious =) I can relate with the... "is it time to eat yet??"

So here's some of my progress since a few weeks ago.. we're getting there!
 My freaking legs are taking FOREVER to lean out... I guess that's my "weak spot" and wear I carry most my fat... doesn't help that my legs are so short! Here's to 7 more weeks though... I CAN DO THIS!

Issues:resolved. And a little fitness update

Broken mouse ----> no blog posts -----> I actually got stuff done this week!
Sorry though, to disappoint.

Anywho, WOW it's been a good week! As far as my figure training goes, I am really starting to get excited. Things are FINALLY looking better, I'm feeling good, and feel like I'm starting to look good.
I've been waiting to get down to 15% body fat, because that's when definition really starts showing... and drum roll........
Nailed it! Got it measured yesterday and I'm down, where I should be, and my weight is starting to come down too. This most likely has to do with another dip in calorie consumption. I'm down to around 1250 cals a day, and have started to cut out carbs. (Not all, just some). The diet's getting really strict, where I have to watch sugar and salt intake, so that means I'm getting quite creative with my cooking! But I have to tell you, I've tried 1200 cal diets before and I can never last... but when you're eating the RIGHT foods, and space them out right, it's totally doable; I'm not hungry. I will post some pics asap of the progress =)

Here's a sneak peek at some of my meals and snacks, and I'll put some links if you'd like to try them!
Cottage cheese... good thing I love the stuff.. but now I gotta lay off a little because it's got lots of sodium. But I threw in some fresh raspberries and some flaked unsweetened coconut and it was a good variation.
 I have not perfected this recipe yet, but when I do I will post it! It's stuffed bell peppers with quinoa and turkey. My husband and I LOVE it. It's got a little secret ingredient.. if you're interested, leave a comment or shoot me an email =)
 Protein waffles. Okay, these were not so great. The idea of eating some "normal" food was appealing to me, but the recipe sucked. I still ate it, but will not make it again. I wanna find a better one for ya'll =)
 Typically lunchmeat is not a healthy choice. It's processed and loaded with sodium. But this is probably one of the best I've found, from Costco, of course. It's got reduced sodium, is lean, and it tastes so fresh and flavorful.

And oh my gosh I am in love with this salad. It's spinach, pear and quinoa.. with (reduced fat) feta and pecans. I didn't have any more quinoa so I used couscous. And instead of the pomegranate vinegar, which I'm sure would be delicious, I just used red wine vinegar. It was still great.

And this lemon chicken was amazing.. I tossed in some red potatoes with a TBSP of olive oil in with the marinade and it was money

SO on that note, I just ordered my stripper figure posing heels! I'm setting up a posing session to figure out what exactly I'm supposed to be doing with my body up on that stage.
Here they are... not cheap, and scream hooker a little bit, but that's what they wear.... I mean, they're pretty. I can see my husband liking them......

And here's the potential suit! These things are freaking expensive. You thought a normal swimsuit was expensive?! Try not being able to find one of these for under $200!! I heard that pro figure competitors are known to spend more on a competition suit than on their wedding dress. Crazy industry I've gotten myself into huh?
 So let's talk about the hideous cut of these suits. 
THIS, my friends, is the reason you have to do about 100000 squats and lunges!!! Your butt is mostly hanging out, and look how high up the bottoms go on your waist! So ugly. And the criss cross back? Barf. But alas.... Here I am about to throw down some $$$ on this thing.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello. My bad, I've been a slow random poster.
Just reporting on my weekend, because it's been pretty fun:

Been workin on my son's room update. He's two and still in his crib (I'm not complaining) but I'm excited to switch to real bed eventually because I have some good plans!
This pic is crappy, but I'm kinda unsure about the colors in here.. they're kinda weird! I'll take some better ones once I'm done with the room.

I bought Carter a sweet fedora, taking the chance that he'd probably take it off and throw it on the ground like he does every time we try to get him to wear a hat. NOPE!! He loves this thing! Wore it all through church! $10 at Gymboree, total score
I found this hilarious picture on pinterest and had to share because, well, I'll be getting some spray tans here in the next couple months and I hope to high heaven that it does NOT TURN OUT LIKE THIS GUY!!

On the subject of working out... I need a new gym bag! Anyone know of a good and affordable place to find a cute one?? I'm kinda digging something like this but it's pricey. Boo
 And, me and some friends threw one of our besties, Paityn a baby shower! So fun, and she's the cutest prego girl ever...
 Yummy grub... wish I could share the leftovers with ya'll cuz they're STILL in my house, tempting me and sabotaging my fitness goals!
 How was your weekend?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

simply smarter

This summer we are moving to HOUSTON!
We are always on the move, so this isn't a huge dramatic thing for us, but Texas is pretty rad and I'm pumped!

This leads me to throw in a plug for my husband's company...
Vivint (means live intelligently) has transformed from merely a home security company to advanced technology in home automation and energy savings, including solar panels. This video is pretty funny that shows some of the cool, newer features compatible with smart phones to control your home:

Cute right? =)
We've been with this company since we got married (almost 4 years ago!) and it's been an amazing experience. While it's been great financially, we've also gotten to see many parts of the country that we otherwise wouldn't have.

If you are interested in a fun and unique job experience, or know someone who is, please email me at crandallqueen@gmail.com. It's good for you, it's good for us... as long as potentials have a clean record and know how to work hard! In a down economy with low employment rates, good jobs are hard to find. But Vivint is expanding even outside the U.S., and offers great employment opportunity regardless of your age, where you live, or what stage of your life you happen to be in.

FURTHER, if you are in the market for an alarm system or any of the other features, check out vivint and email me =)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

fashion finds

I'm not a huge fashion expert by any means, but I love finding outfits that look like they're from the runway, but they're actually affordable!
I've done posts about ASOS.com before, and here's another one, for I'm super excited about their skirts! I feel like whenever I need a good pencil skirt, they are nowhere to be found! Then I get desperate and pay top dollar for something I don't even really like.... but not anymore!

Check this Prada dress that's been on the runway, and on celebs:
Super bright and fun... and well, it's Prada so you know it's not cheap...

Enter asos:
On sale for $22!!!! Do I dare say I like the skirt version better??
 Here's some other really cute and fun skirts., 
None is over $100, and I think they're so chic and spring-y!

*Bonus: they have petite sizes, maternity, use PayPal and there's free shipping!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Elle Decor classic

Easy, classic and fresh. With yellow chippendales and a Dorothy Draper chest. I totally heart it

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Healthy eating Costco- style

I love me a good trip to Cosc...don't you? Except on Saturdays when those samples aren't even worth fighting the gazillion people all there for free food. It's kinda pathetic, if you think about it. I betcha a good round of samples on a Saturday could set ya back 400 calories! And then who can pass up the pizza slices on the way out, or the berry sundae... mmmm my fav.

Well, even if you're trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, Costco still comes to the rescue!
Here's my current collection of succulents that you can (and should enjoy) guilt- free!
K first off- the Basil pesto tilapia is off the hook. 130 cals a serving, takes 10 min to cook in the oven, and it rocks. Not fishy.

 A tub of Parmesan Reggiano cheese... Did you know that it's naturally made from skim milk, thus one of the leanest cheeses? A little goes a long way since it's a stronger, harder cheese... so enjoy your Italian!

Recent discovery- Kirkland Signature tubs of soup. Soup is so filling and can be very healthy and low in calories, hooray! The tortilla one is great, at 150 calories and even the barley vegetable is good, with only 80 calories!

A big ol stash of raw almonds.. Get gnawing. (PS I keep mine in the freezer... they'll last forever without going rancid).

Organic no-salt seasoning. I'm not an organic fanatic, unless there's like a sale or something. But there is sodium in EVERYTHING, so if you can get a good seasoning without, then awesome.

Jalapeno Greek yogurt dip. People it is SO good. With veggies, crackers, on sandwiches instead of mayo, etc.

And lastly, our friend, Muscle Milk light. In my opinion, chocolate is always safe and this protein drink is very tasty and only 100 cals.

Make some wise choices on your next trip to Costco =)

Friday, January 13, 2012

small spaces

I hate living in a small place!!! Have I mentioned that yet?? It wouldn't be so bad if we had places to store things, and if we didn't keep accumulating junk! I see amazing spaces that are decorated so beautifully, but more importantly they function and serve their purpose. What's even more amazing is when they're teeny--- and then I say to myself, "self, you have got to get yourself together and figure out how to make it work."

You've probably seen most of these photos, namely the chevron dresser. But I did a little research since they had a video (on House Beautiful) about the space and I was even more impressed. This is a 300 foot studio apartment designed for Rebecca Phillips, by Nick Olsen, and I.  LOVE.  IT.!

That chair with the tribal pattern- ya, it was upholstered from a Mexican blanket. K awesome way to incorporate meaningful pieces instead of tucking souvenirs up in an attic never to be seen again.
The door with green trim- just painted on, I'm sure the door was just flat and blah, but now it looks custom. I love this.
Open coffee table- creates more visible space to open up the room.
 I love the pops of color, and that there's plenty of furniture in this tiny room, yet it still works. It's feminine but still has some pizazz.
 Currently obsessed with piping on furniture. Install sconces and free up side table space
 And there she is. The green chevron. You know this was probably just an old dresser but with a brilliant paint job, she's become a lovely swan =)
Need to incorporate some of these ideas stat!


This is bugging me. So I assume we're all on pinterest by now yes? Daily, I check out the fitness section so I can get pumped up and find new inspiration. I'm constantly amazed by what people pin as their "thinspiration:" Super skinny models who are 6 feet tall. With their comments such as "perfect body," or "my summer goal." Okay people HELLO you will NEVER look like that because you don't have those genetics!!! Those Victoria's Secret models are naturally thin OR they eat very very little and exercise like crazy. 98% of us will not look long and lithe and slim without doing something unhealthy.

Here's a very common pin I see ALL the time:
Love Audrina, I do. She's beautiful and has a great body, but here she is too skinny, sorry. She does not have muscle, she does not look healthy.

K and check out this grossness, from two different websites:

NIKE!! Oh great, a skinny model-- these legs do not look fit in any way! Isn't Nike supposed to represent athletics and fitness? weird
 Uhhh shudder. This is from an awesome website where I buy my swimsuits. You wanna be model skinny? Well here ya go.. I hope you don't think this looks good.

Why don't we work towards having the best body for US. I'm a short and muscular person, so I'm not gonna change that, I'm going to work with it.
Love Jessica Biel- she's more muscular and she rocks it
 Not everyone has a lean, athletic build, but we know Cheryl Burke is crazy active on Dancing with the Stars. She's always criticized for her weight, but I applaud her. She's small in the right places, and she's healthy.

On a similar note, GET OFF THE SCALE! Check once in a while, but ultimately it just sucks and can really bring you down. I would know, because my weight is not changing much with all my training and it can really get frustrating.

But check out this woman:
Same weight, but look at the difference! Has everything to do with eating right, exercising, and bringing that body fat down, while putting on lean body mass. That is a good thing!
The end. I am done venting about people and their unrealistic expectations about looking good. =)
Anywho, check out my nutrition tips and update today on www.mixersnutrition.blogspot.com!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I haven't done much decorating with our condo here in months. It's too small, something new drives me nuts about it everyday, and we had plans to build a house and move soon. Long story short, building a house has been a looooooong process so I'm trying to do a few projects around here to occupy my time and feed my crazy hobby.
We have a crappy small dresser that I gave a makeover to a couple years ago, and I've been on the lookout since for something better and cuter. Found it!!!!
This awesome, solid wood dresser came home with me the other day. It wasn't a "steal" per se, but something new of a similar shape and style in a store today would be at least $800. I paid $250, which includes the mirror which I don't care for. (Anyone wanna buy it?)
Now this has quite feminine lines, and my husband hates "antiques" so I wanna paint it a somewhat masculine color. I'm really digging this deep peacock blue of late...
 Something like this! With some new gold hardware... Could be very awesome. I'm stoked for warmer weather so I can get to work!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Makin a comeback!

Hola. I am back! It's funny when you leave your blog for a while, all of a sudden you get emails and comments and queries about your life and your hobbies and your blog! So I am resuming- not that I'm brimming with interesting things to share, but because I do enjoy sharing findings and ideas and random stuff about my awesome life. I have missed it =)

Not much has happened this past month- 'cept the holidays and such. I attended an open house for the art institute to see if I really want to go to interior design school and my decision was solidified- NO I DO NOT! I'm detouring more into fitness (since that's where my degree is) but I still love me some good decorating as a hobby.
While I've been absent from blogger, I've been pinning away like nobody's business, "designing rooms for children I do not have, finding outfits I'll never afford, and picking out my next hairstyle from the latest celebrity trend." 
Case in point: I am obsessed with these outfits, and the classy color combination:

There's something about that orange-y red, mixed with white and black polka dots that has me all crazy for a new outfit... or 2.. or 3

Anywho, I thought, hmmm that would make a classy room, maybe for a teenager, or myself even, if I were single or had a husband who had no preference (ya right!)

Little bit of classy glam, and a lot of whimsical dots. 
I wish
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