Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Makin a comeback!

Hola. I am back! It's funny when you leave your blog for a while, all of a sudden you get emails and comments and queries about your life and your hobbies and your blog! So I am resuming- not that I'm brimming with interesting things to share, but because I do enjoy sharing findings and ideas and random stuff about my awesome life. I have missed it =)

Not much has happened this past month- 'cept the holidays and such. I attended an open house for the art institute to see if I really want to go to interior design school and my decision was solidified- NO I DO NOT! I'm detouring more into fitness (since that's where my degree is) but I still love me some good decorating as a hobby.
While I've been absent from blogger, I've been pinning away like nobody's business, "designing rooms for children I do not have, finding outfits I'll never afford, and picking out my next hairstyle from the latest celebrity trend." 
Case in point: I am obsessed with these outfits, and the classy color combination:

There's something about that orange-y red, mixed with white and black polka dots that has me all crazy for a new outfit... or 2.. or 3

Anywho, I thought, hmmm that would make a classy room, maybe for a teenager, or myself even, if I were single or had a husband who had no preference (ya right!)

Little bit of classy glam, and a lot of whimsical dots. 
I wish

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