Thursday, January 12, 2012


I haven't done much decorating with our condo here in months. It's too small, something new drives me nuts about it everyday, and we had plans to build a house and move soon. Long story short, building a house has been a looooooong process so I'm trying to do a few projects around here to occupy my time and feed my crazy hobby.
We have a crappy small dresser that I gave a makeover to a couple years ago, and I've been on the lookout since for something better and cuter. Found it!!!!
This awesome, solid wood dresser came home with me the other day. It wasn't a "steal" per se, but something new of a similar shape and style in a store today would be at least $800. I paid $250, which includes the mirror which I don't care for. (Anyone wanna buy it?)
Now this has quite feminine lines, and my husband hates "antiques" so I wanna paint it a somewhat masculine color. I'm really digging this deep peacock blue of late...
 Something like this! With some new gold hardware... Could be very awesome. I'm stoked for warmer weather so I can get to work!

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