Friday, January 13, 2012

small spaces

I hate living in a small place!!! Have I mentioned that yet?? It wouldn't be so bad if we had places to store things, and if we didn't keep accumulating junk! I see amazing spaces that are decorated so beautifully, but more importantly they function and serve their purpose. What's even more amazing is when they're teeny--- and then I say to myself, "self, you have got to get yourself together and figure out how to make it work."

You've probably seen most of these photos, namely the chevron dresser. But I did a little research since they had a video (on House Beautiful) about the space and I was even more impressed. This is a 300 foot studio apartment designed for Rebecca Phillips, by Nick Olsen, and I.  LOVE.  IT.!

That chair with the tribal pattern- ya, it was upholstered from a Mexican blanket. K awesome way to incorporate meaningful pieces instead of tucking souvenirs up in an attic never to be seen again.
The door with green trim- just painted on, I'm sure the door was just flat and blah, but now it looks custom. I love this.
Open coffee table- creates more visible space to open up the room.
 I love the pops of color, and that there's plenty of furniture in this tiny room, yet it still works. It's feminine but still has some pizazz.
 Currently obsessed with piping on furniture. Install sconces and free up side table space
 And there she is. The green chevron. You know this was probably just an old dresser but with a brilliant paint job, she's become a lovely swan =)
Need to incorporate some of these ideas stat!

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  1. Oh those piping are really gorgeous

    and I am loving the white and green combo... very fresh.


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