Friday, September 20, 2013


It was decided a few months ago that I would run the Red Rock Relay down at Zion's National park.
FYI this race is just like Ragnar.
FYI Ragnar is a team of 12, each person running 3 times, over about 36 hours continuously.
So I did some mediocre training, since I am not a "runner." And I was nervous but hoped it'd be more fun and not painful...
We recruited Aaron last minute because people keep dropping from our team. Luckily he had been running some, and he proved to be a great asset ;)

Here we are (Kanani got cut off there at the bottom) before heading up to our first exchange.
Aaron, me, Doug, (his wife) Kara, and Marni. (and Kanani!)

We had mostly all had good experience with pizza being THE carb to eat in order to have a speedy race. So the night before that's what we ate. And Doug decided we look like twins in this picture. Packard genes =)
 The 12 of us! (Actually 11, because one girl was running). You'll notice half of the group has beautiful hair. They were in the first van, the SNOW van.
They were more about looking good than running good....

Crazy Kanani gearing up for her first run.... and the boys taking the necessary measures to prevent chafing. Haha!

 Some of the handoffs. I think most of us went in to this race thinking we were going to die. My first run was the hardest, but it was the shortest AND downhill! But I think it was all mental. And high altitude didn't help.
 Kara was impressed after Doug's run. We were all rather impressed to be honest ;)
 Poor Aaron had the worst conditions for running, But also the prettiest. And he did awesome!
It was chilly that first day.. til you're running...

I was runner 12, so the very last runner of our group. It was a LOT of waiting around, I just wanted to get things over with! But after each run, I felt really good. We had started at Brian Head resort and ended the first run here at SUU.

 Our whole team of 12 put in 187 miles over the 2 days.
Aaron and I did 18-19 miles each, and I don't think either of us thought we could actually do that.
My longest run was at 3 am, and it was about 7 miles, but it was my fastest. Most of us enjoyed those runs in the middle of the night, in the pitch black, along the highway! Funny how that is..

 Being the last runner, I was the finisher. It was HOT by the time we got down to Zions so my awesome team soaked me with water the whole way to the finish, and then joined in the final stretch!

The 6 of us at the finish! Sooooo fun and so beautiful. I went into it thinking I'd probably hate running after this and would never sacrifice my sleep to run again, but we had a blast. Go team!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

dates and grandparents and kids and friends

Me and Aaron finally got to get out for a night. Aaron had a great date planned- indoor rock climbing that we were stoked about, but then we got there and it was double-booked plus it was small and stinky. So instead of getting exercise, we got Thai food and milkshakes and sat in a movie theater. Oops.

 Mason makes us happy. He's a funny, but feisty little baby
 We had a Labor Day BBQ with some friends. Fun girls =)
 Peaches!! Grandpa Packard always has the best garden

 Mason will eat anything. 

 Carter and his buddy Brighton, playing in a stream. Boys just need to be outdoors.
 Papa Dave came through town with Grandma Susan. Made a stop at tasty Cafe Rio mmmmm

 Mason loves two things (well if you include ME, then 3).. baths, and eating. His 7th tooth just broke through. He's revolted against baby food, so it's just the real stuff now. I gave him quinoa salad today and half a taquito... ;)

A few weeks ago, Grandma Belinda and Grandpa Steve also came through. The kids love them!

 I took the boys to the Timpanogos Temple one day for a picnic. SO beautiful.

And my big boy on his first day of preschool =) He LOVES it. He hasn't even gotten in trouble again, since the first day! ;)

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family hike

I keep postponing blogging because I feel like I have nothing to report, but since Aaron's been home, it's been go-go-go!

We went hiking a few weeks ago and here's some fun pics from that:
We went up to Pleasant Grove to a trail that I CAN NEVER REMEMBER! I've asked Aaron like 14 times, and I've forgotten again. Some waterfall. It was pretty, and the leaves are juuuuust barely starting to change.
The boys did AH-mazing. I carried Mason because we figured Aaron would end up carrying Carter (he doesn't last too long with physical activity). But Carter made it the whole way!! It was a steep climb, and we went only about a mile up, and then back down, but that's impressive for an almost-4-year old.
We love being outdoors. Everything was so pretty too, sometimes I just look around and think- I can't believe we live here. Utah is SO awesome.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

workin on my fitness..

During the summers in which we move to a new city for Aaron's work, I usually gain 5 or so pounds. Late nights, snacking because I'm bored, eating out more, etc...  But over this summer I lost 10% body fat!

I almost don't believe it to be honest. In June, I met with a trainer who coaches girls for competitions. He got me at 25%, and I was shocked- in a bad way. I was really hoping to be more like 20%. I also hoped to be able to compete in October. That was always my goal while I was pregnant- to take 9 months post-baby to lose it and get in killer shape again. BUT we are going on a volunteer trip to Cambodia with Aaron's work, in October so I'd miss the show.

I decided I still want to ease into super fit status regardless of competing, and by the time the end of October hits, I'm hoping for some good results- all on my own. =)

I've still been taking pictures every month because pictures tell me more than the scale does. I can see results that I haven't been able to notice on a day to day basis.

First picture was a couple weeks post c-section (February of this year) and second picture, today!
Down 40+ pounds, and "supposedly" at 15% body fat as of last week, measured by a different trainer.
FYI the reason I'm skeptical, is because 15% has been my goal all along. When I hit 15 when I trained for my show a year and a half ago, I felt really good, with a moderate balanced clean diet that I could maintain, and I looked good. I feel like I still have a little ways to go to get to where I was.

Not that I'm not content with this difference =) What you don't see is the additional stretch marks, and loosey goosey skin that I don't know what to do with, and a bit of a pooch still when I'm relaxed. Trying to give it time and be patient. The funny thing is, with the 10% body fat drop, I only lost 3 pounds in that time.. That's why the scale is DUMB! I don't even know why I ever weigh myself anymore...

You might notice that I painted my walls =) Yeah, exercising, and home projects are kind of what I live for! My bedroom makeover will be revealed when I am finished ;)

So...I'm training for the Red Rock Relay (like Ragnar) next weekend, and I am NOT a runner. I'm just trying to be, at the expense of my knees! =( 
I'm counting on an exciting, fun weekend though, with fun people.

On another note, my awesome husband wasn't supposed to be home til mid-September, and he drove home from Texas and surprised us a week and a half ago!
It's sooo nice to be a family again =)

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