Wednesday, September 18, 2013

dates and grandparents and kids and friends

Me and Aaron finally got to get out for a night. Aaron had a great date planned- indoor rock climbing that we were stoked about, but then we got there and it was double-booked plus it was small and stinky. So instead of getting exercise, we got Thai food and milkshakes and sat in a movie theater. Oops.

 Mason makes us happy. He's a funny, but feisty little baby
 We had a Labor Day BBQ with some friends. Fun girls =)
 Peaches!! Grandpa Packard always has the best garden

 Mason will eat anything. 

 Carter and his buddy Brighton, playing in a stream. Boys just need to be outdoors.
 Papa Dave came through town with Grandma Susan. Made a stop at tasty Cafe Rio mmmmm

 Mason loves two things (well if you include ME, then 3).. baths, and eating. His 7th tooth just broke through. He's revolted against baby food, so it's just the real stuff now. I gave him quinoa salad today and half a taquito... ;)

A few weeks ago, Grandma Belinda and Grandpa Steve also came through. The kids love them!

 I took the boys to the Timpanogos Temple one day for a picnic. SO beautiful.

And my big boy on his first day of preschool =) He LOVES it. He hasn't even gotten in trouble again, since the first day! ;)

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