Monday, April 29, 2013

projects and parties

First things first. 

THANK YOU everyone for your awesome comments and suggestions about my training/fitness plan! I'm feeling good about it and excited that I have supportive friends and family behind me =)

and... Projects:
I bought a lamp for Carter's room. He didn't need another lamp but I just thought it was cool.
$40 TJ Maxx
(Carter's room is finally finished! I am getting pics taken soon so I can post it!)

$168 anthropologie.
 Moral of the story: 
anthropologie= ripoff
TJ Maxx= bomb

 The next batch of projects:
gold spray paint

I've gone on a painting rampage lately, scouring for my house for something ugly that I can spray gold. Turns out I've pretty much gotten rid of most of my ugly stuff.

But I did have some cheap frames from Tj maxx (duh) that I sprayed gold and added wrapping paper from Tj maxx (duh) that I used for the art!
 I'm a fan. It cost me nothing.
(Our home office is also done! I will post that too)
 Filing cabinet. Ugly cheap gray knobs that just blended with the cabinets. Yep- they got sprayed too. Crazy how that made a difference! PS note my awesome grasscloth wallpaper. You will see it soon in its full glory.

Oh, I did  manage to find an ugly boring clock. Yep, he's now gold too.

Target, my other obsession, has plastic dinosaurs in the dollar bin section.
Now they're gold. I know, quite glamorous and chic for a boys room, whatever.

 On to parties.......
Aaron came home for a few days! (He's in Texas selling for the summer). Chubby little Mason was excited to see him.

Family fun. I definitely miss having Aaron around.

My awesome sister and her husband watched Mason overnight while we celebrated our anniversary.
Apparently Mason just loved Taylor.. he loves attention, and anyone that will hold him, and smile at him =)

 So bugged that this is the best picture we got...blurry because you don't ask an 80-year old man to take a picture for you with your phone. Toooo shaaaaaaky.
We went to the Roof for dinner, saw an awesome movie and then stayed at the Little America.
The Roof dessert.... sooo good.
 Walked around Temple Square. I don't recall ever having been in the spring. The flowers are SO pretty. Everywhere I go, I want to steal tulips and Aaron makes fun of me.

Meanwhile, our awesome friends Alicia & Paul watched Carter overnight. Carter had his first (and last!) slumber party with a girl... his BFF Capri =)

 It was Aaron's birthday yesterday (he's 32!) and we just laid low, went to church, and the boys flew kites out front.
 We had a surprise party for him with a few friends which was fun, and then he headed back to Texas early early this morning.
Sad ending to a fun weekend. We are planning on joining him in June, but May is going to be a long, hard month. So you'll probably find me at the gym. Or decorating. Of course.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Let's talk some fitness..

Still working hard at the gym, not seeing the baby weight melt off, and again, I know better. I'm telling myself it's OKAY. But about a month ago, I had my body fat tested at the gym- by the electronic handheld ones, which are not super accurate. But whatever.
I tested it again last week, and I'm down 3%! Within a month, that's pretty good. I'm proving my own point I always tell people- if you're working out hard and eating pretty healthy, the scale might not move, but you are getting leaner and more fit.
And there we go. Progress.

Which brings me to my next quandry, which I need some major input on.

So please comment!

I want to use my degree (BS in exercise science & fitness) and renew my personal training certification!
My national cert just came out with a new program specializing in weight loss, which intrigues me, because I feel like it's pretty simple. But obviously there must be a lot more to learn about the science of weight loss if there's a whole program for it. And let's be honest, most of my clientele in the past have the same goal- losing weight and getting toned.
I actually really want to create a business helping women lose the baby weight because I feel like that's where a lot of people get hung up. And since I've been there (I'm still there!), I can certainly empathize.

So here's my plan- We have an unfinished basement. With plans to finish it probably by the end of this year. I want to section off part for a home gym where I can train clients. And charge less than going to a trainer at a gym.

Does that appeal to women? Would you feel limited (or jipped!) with the equipment that a smaller space would have?
I feel like it'd be less intimidating, because you don't have gym-goers watching you work out.
And since I have kids, and most people I'd train would have kids, scheduling could be a little more flexible, and they could bring them over if they needed to.

Anyway, I'm interested in feedback, ideas, or questions- I want to start setting up a business plan and invest in good equipment but I want to know my potential clientele and their expectations- even if you don't live by me, I'd love to hear your input- basically if you would hire me and what would make it worth it for you!

Obviously fitness is a passion of mine and I've found a lot of satisfaction and pride in helping people meet their goals.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get back to this kind of shape...

Who's with me?? ;)
Miss those abs. They will reappear one day!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Onto the next project.. Operation Office

For some time now, I've been intrigued by grasscloth wallpaper. It's a natural texture that adds a lot to a room.
 This turquoise is amazing. The seams kinda bug me, and I thought- why wouldn't they line those up right?? But every strip is different, so it's near impossible.
So I decided I still appreciate the look =)
 LOVE the gray. I love that the texture can make it elegant but still masculine.

 Insert our home office- the way the people before us had it.
I don't hate red.
But I'm not a fan of such a dark red (which screams 2002 to me) right when you walk into the front door. 

So I've taken it upon myself to makeover this office, using faux grasscloth wallpaper. I know, it doesn't look that exciting, but it's 80% done and it is amazing. It's subtle but so pretty. 
I did my research and decided on faux, 1- because it's cheaper. By a lot.
2- It's much easier to put on. Real grasscloth is just that- natural, real fibers, that if you get glue on the front side, you're kind of screwed. It does not come off easily, and let's be honest. I am not that tidy when it comes to my projects ;)
3- Real grasscloth absorbs smells. Luckily we are not smokers or pet owners, and I'd like to think my house smells pretty normal and good. But it also holds onto stains were one of my children to spill on the wall ( that would NEVER happen right?!)
So anyway, I will post the "after" pictures asap!

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