Saturday, September 15, 2012


Got some exciting news this week...

Another boy is on the way, and it really wasn't that much of a surprise.. after all, boys run big time on my husband's side. Having one already and knowing how fun it is, I am ecstatic! I'll be planning out a nursery in the near future and digging out my son's {old} cute clothes that I've missed.. good times ahead, my friends!
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Monday, September 10, 2012


I have a slight obsession with Demi Lovato. It's been going on for some time... like all summer.
Give your heart a break.. Yeah that's an entire station on my pandora and I am STILL not sick of it.
Plus I have respect for celebs, especially young ones who can talk about their depression or eating disorders (and her cutting) and their attempts to get better, while there's other young celebs out there who just run amok, getting DUI's and stealing.. 
Rhymes with Bindsey Bohan.
But Demi here is freaking talented, I heart her
So, how stoked am I for X-factor this fall?? I confess I've never watched it, which is weird considering I love Simon.. I think I just got sick of all these talent shows, but I will repent.
This is gonna be good.

Did you hear the news?? Jillian is back on Biggest Loser! Should be interesting, now she's got 2 kids of her own, and they're also incorporating obese kids into the show this season. This needed to happen. I'm excited.

Oh Gossip Girl, I have missed you. Can October please come quicker?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Patch NYC at Target!

Ever since I got an Elle Decor mag in the mail a few weeks ago, I've been obsessing over the Target ad, announcing its fall collection coming on MONDAY. 
Patch NYC, out September 10!
It's masculine and woodsy and quirky and I want everything.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Born this way...?

I'm a big fan of Jamie Eason. Who wouldn't be?
I kind of want to hate her because she looks this good, but I just can't! 
My husband thinks she looks too skinny, which makes me feel a teensy bit better. Just a smidge though.

I follow Jamie Eason Middleton (she just got married!) on facebook, and totally loved this quote that she put up last week....

'Let's address the "genetics" comment. Sure, genetics play a role in the shape of your body. It's pretty obvious to me that at 5'2", I wasn't likely going to be a super model or a basketball player. And, with little to no curves long before weight training, I never imagined a career as a "model" of any kind. Yet, 8 years later, here I am...a model. Pretty crazy! Don't count yourself out because of genetics! I can think of several women in hollywood with less than ideal physiques, yet we love them and they make an amazing living! No matter who you are, proper nutrition and training can improve your body and no matter what your genetics are, there is a large population of people somewhere with the exact same strengths/weaknesses that would love to know how to do what you're doing. If you manage to improve your body/health....people aren't aspiring to look exactly like you, they just want to know how to do it for themselves. Don't use genetics as a crutch. Make the most of yours and show others with the same perceived limitations what you managed to do.'

Go Jamie.

I love the idea of making the best out of what God has given you. It's especially inspiring for me, because also at 5'2" I complain all the time about having short legs and no waist, and big shoulders, and blah blah blah. As I'm sure a tall person might complain about the opposite problems! I guess the cool part of it is that fitness is universal. And whatever "flaws" you might think you have, and think that you're stuck with for life, a lot of those can be fixed with good nutrition and exercise, and if not... then do the best with what you've got! 
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