Monday, September 10, 2012


I have a slight obsession with Demi Lovato. It's been going on for some time... like all summer.
Give your heart a break.. Yeah that's an entire station on my pandora and I am STILL not sick of it.
Plus I have respect for celebs, especially young ones who can talk about their depression or eating disorders (and her cutting) and their attempts to get better, while there's other young celebs out there who just run amok, getting DUI's and stealing.. 
Rhymes with Bindsey Bohan.
But Demi here is freaking talented, I heart her
So, how stoked am I for X-factor this fall?? I confess I've never watched it, which is weird considering I love Simon.. I think I just got sick of all these talent shows, but I will repent.
This is gonna be good.

Did you hear the news?? Jillian is back on Biggest Loser! Should be interesting, now she's got 2 kids of her own, and they're also incorporating obese kids into the show this season. This needed to happen. I'm excited.

Oh Gossip Girl, I have missed you. Can October please come quicker?


  1. We must share a brain, or be best friends, or something :) I love X Factor (I watched last year, it is awesome), I can't wait for Jillian's return to Biggest Loser in January, and I am counting down until Gossip Girl. But season 5 first needs to come to Netflix so I can catch up! Yay for Fall shows!


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