Saturday, July 30, 2011

Say NO to skinny fat!!

Hi folks,
It's trainer Stephanie today. Decorator Stephanie will be back tomorrow ;)
I need to talk to you about being fit. You see, I've always been an active person. Never skinny, but healthy and active. I'm alright with that, in fact I kinda enjoy it. I just finished up an 8-week challenge with some friends in which we set all sorts of goals- physical, family-oriented, spiritual, and whatnot, and try to hit those goals. I had my body fat taken yesterday and I was quite pleased, and even more motivated to keep going!
I love me some weight training, and I hope you've heard by now that they do a body gooood. Even more, I hope you believe that it's especially important for women in transforming their body.  Take this principle:

Skinny-Fat Syndrome: What happens when a person does too much cardio, doesn't eat enough and doesn't perform exercises that maintain build/maintain muscle?
She will lose both fat and muscle. Her weight will decrease but her body fat percentage will not. What she does is become a smaller version of herself, with no muscle tone or definition! She becomes a skinny person with higher than expected body fat percentage.

Umm no thanks. I think women are still afraid of those weights. See picture below:

You won't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger naturally, it just won't happen. But this toned chick on the bottom right? Umm I'd take that!!

You know fat weighs less than muscle so even if the number on the scale goes down, having a lower body fat percentage is what's really going to make changes in size and the look of your body. I heard someone say recently that being "skinny fat" makes you look good with your clothes on but being toned makes you look good with your clothes off!
SO go hit those weights! Not sure where to start? Think about Jillian Michael's 30-day shred. =) Or google a circuit training workout. They'll tone you while keeping your heart rate up!

Friday, July 29, 2011

bath love

I've noticed a pattern in the images of bathrooms I've collected- they're either neutral but quite glamorous, or they're accented with green. Or both. What can I say? For being such teeny, "dirty" rooms, these are gorgeous. I will take any and all of them. I'm extra inspired to wallpaper a powder room.. inexpensive and you can take a risk, cuz hey, it's a bathroom!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

country cottage

I loved this little house tour I found in my inbox from better homes & gardens. Makes me sometimes want things a little simpler and more casual...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wishing I had a girl...

I love my son, I really do. He's cute as a button, and I love having a boy more than I ever thought I would! Although there's a few problems- boys run in my husband's family big time. There are NO GIRLS. This makes me a little worried. I mean, I'd love to have a couple of rugrat boys running around the house but what if I never get my girl?!! I know I will still love them but there's a chance I might start buying em tights and hairbows so I can experience that... just kidding.. mostly.
I like to think Carter is a well dressed little man. Cute boys clothes are hard to find but I know they've come a long way. (FYI I find lots of cute stuff at TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack). 
BUT I received this British catalog, next direct in the mail for some reason for kids clothes and OMG the little girls clothes was sooooo cute, I had to share. Styles and prices are similar to Gap Kids, maybe a little cheaper actually and it makes me reeeeeally wish I had a chica to buy cute clothes for!
(sorry the pics are small, their weird website doesn't let me save photos).

 Ummm note the adorable bow on the back of this boot!

Don't you think every little kid needs a cute pair of "wellies?"
 Uhhh I wish this would enlarge, this set of tights is SO CUTE.

And just to let you know, their boy selection is not so good. Go figure!

Vintage at Target

Me and my girl Paityn made a trip to Target yesterday in which we ran into this wall art:
We were both pretty smitten! I've seen similar photographs on etsy and I've been very much loving the vintage feel and was surprised to see em at Target! (It's made of plastic and is $20 FYI).
I'm in love with the pink-ish and minty green vintage look and I got really excited with hopes of one day having a girl.. with a room like this.. Sigh..
I love you Tar-jay, because you keep surprising me with excellent stuff!
I messed around on their website and found these wall tiles which ALSO would be very rad!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hello. It's Monday again, which doesn't mean much to me since every day is pretty much the same! But it does mark 5 weeks til we move back to Utah! And my husband actually sat down and started browsing through homes last night. This makes me happy...
This weekend, a friend of mine asked about the look of vintage window frames so I did a little research for her.. and thought well here's my post of the day! I immediately thought of a more cottage feel, but they can work in a variety of styles.
Like this one. I like the symmetry of the two window panels on the back wall in a fresh interior.
Here's some other fun ways to use em:

 Love this!

If you're a collector, a collage on an entire wall could look really cool

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Ever since Prince William got himself hitched, this girl Kate Middleton is front and center. Are you obsessed along with the rest of the world?
She does have great style I gotta admit, and she's under a lot of scrutiny for being so skinny. But I do think she's pretty cool...

But sadly, I happen to be a little more intrigued by this trio...
Why is that???

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mirrors for under $100

I'm not shy about my obsession with mirrors- They just add a lot to a room. But they're not always cheap unfortunately. Here's a roundup of some of my favs, for (well) under $100!

Scalloped mirror from Ikea $30!
I think a grouping of 3 of these would look fantastic. 
I love the look of these.. $74 from Burke Decor

Hobby Lobby sunburst $50- and just count on having a 50% off coupon, making it $25!

 The famous huge ikea mirror... the price went up!! It's $129 now, but it was $99, so if it goes on sale, then you're back in business =)
 another great sunburst .. Ballard designs $99
 Love this, from Kirkland's $69.99
 Lowe's! of all  places... It's $65

I love this for the texture and also like the idea of having several, and you can since they're only $20 from Crate and Barrel!

 Another good sunburst from Target, $89.99
 I'm a big fan of the convex mirrors, varying sizes from West Elm, and the large is $49!
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