Monday, July 18, 2011

Problem Solving

Happy Monday everyone.
Last week I was looking at a few images of interiors, like at the details, and realized there's some major flaws in the space! Whether it be the architecture, a small aspect of decoration, or just something that's less than ideal, and thought, well gee, most of us probably have dealt with something like that in our homes. Unless your money grows on trees and you've built yourself the perfect house, there might be a thing or two you'd like to change. Or you're uncertain about how to decorate a certain space.. I've had some friends ask me to find solutions, so here's some common ones!...

The teeny bitsy kitchen
When I saw this image for the first time, my eye went straight to that blue wall and I thought it was decorated so cute. The fact that the kitchen is tiny was actually an afterthought. The cabinetry is not expensive custom, and the countertops are ho-hum but that back wall with cute art, a little gold glam, and  a fun chair kinda makes it for me. If you don't have an awesome spacious kitchen, use what you DO have (ex: a can of paint and artwork) and fake it.
One looooooong room
I like an open feel to a space, but it can be tricky to position furniture. You have to "create" spaces that aren't really there. Point your chairs towards the sofa to section off the "living room." Beyond it you have your dining room.  Also think about using screen dividers or even mount curtain drapes. It's all still gotta flow though.

I had a friend once ask me how to dress her bay windows. They're beautiful, but ya.. great question...
I like this idea, of having bamboo roman shades on the actual windows, and then a huuuuge rod across the whole thing with panels. You could cozy up in that little nook and separate yourself from everything!

The random nook
I think these pose a fun challenge- how to fill that weird "useless" space. Well, if "useable space" is what you're lacking, consider having a study area with a desk wedged in and some cute drapery. I love this!

Ugly pipes
Older houses are notorious for having random things visible to everyone. I've looked at this image in my file 100 times, I have NEVER noticed the pipe until last week. You could paint it white to blend? But it almost adds some character to a pretty funky space anyway. Somehow it just works.

Weird architecture- beams
Some people love the look of having beams, others hate it, but I say if it's there, embrace it. This is another funky room that just is funner with that wood peeping through up top. Again, if it's a no-go for you, paint it white.

Low ceilings
This image has both low ceilings and a weird ceiling (which my bedroom does also). I think the fact that this space has no moldings, and the walls are the same color as the ceiling, it blends the two, distracting from the low ceilings. And plus, super cute furnishings is the best distraction you can have!

Old light fixtures
Ya I was very surprised to see this chandelier- of the brass, 90's variety, in such a modern dining room. And I actually liked it! Honestly, you can make just about anything work if you freshen up the majority of the room. This chandelier could also be painted, I've seen some awesome makeovers =)

Old- fashioned bathroom
You must have one of these, or know someone who does. With old, gross tile, or ugly color schemes but without the funds to remodel the whole thing. Luckily, this minty vintage green is totally back in style, and this owner made it work. I've seen a pepto-bismol pink bathroom as well (can't find it now!) But she jazzed it up with black, white and gold accessories and it looks amazing. It can be done!!

Weird windows
Do they look weird to you? I never noticed til I looked hard for a flaw.. and perhaps it was meant to be like this, but I can totally imagine someone thinking, WTF, my windows are two different sizes, what do I do?!! Roman shades, indeed. I love these, and you'd never be bothered by the asymmetry. I think that breakfast nook looks awesome.

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  1. Yes, yes, YES to creating spaces in large rooms! I love that living/dining combo and in fact blogged about my own use of our large space for living/dining yesterday. My solution was actually cheaper than a nice room divider:
    Great post and fabulous rooms! Cheers! Ana


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