Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I LOVED this image from the latest Lonny issue. It's just kinda sexy to be honest! I'm starting to think that every room needs a splash of gold.. and maybe some animal print... and velvet. Any aspect of this room, really. 
I liked the snippet that went with it about adding soul to your home:
1. Gather pieces you love as you find them rather than purchasing everything at once from a few select stores.
2. Venture into an antiques store and buy something that catches your eye. Don't worry whether others will like it. 
3. Add something from nature, whether it's a shell from a tortoise, a piece of coral, or a hide. Natural objects go with everything.
4. A picture really IS worth a thousand words. Invest in art.
5. Use your favorite vintage scarf, rug, or old fur to create a pillow.

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