Tuesday, July 19, 2011

swanky salon

I have a confession.. this weekend I got my hair did in the MALL at MASTERCUTS. Lol yeah, I did... Ya know, there just comes a time when you're so sick of forking out so much dough for expensive highlights (on super long and thick hair I might add), that you just don't care anymore about risking it. And guess what.. my hair looks great! My hubs was sick and taking a nap with my son and I said screw it, I'm out... so off to the mall I went and I LOVED my alone time. Anyhow I was flippin through a salon mag and saw this awesome new swanky salon in NYC. I'm thinking to myself hmmm why don't I ever see salons like this? Oh yeah, cuz I'm at MASTERCUTS. It's $49 for foils... 
But hey it gave me great inspiration for a space in my home! I'm thinking home office... a swanky one. I'm really liking the word swanky. Swank. 

In love with these hanging mirrors
 Umm look at this sofa! And coffee tables... I mean, this could totally be my SWANKY living room, you know what I'm sayin?
 Mr Ric Pipino, with the lovely Rebecca Romijn, who has something to do with the opening I'm not sure., didn't really look into it. But I've been watching the seasons of Ugly Betty on Hulu, so I feel like me and Rebecca are friends now.

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