Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tasty morsels

Does tasty and healthy belong in the same sentence? Sometimes not, I do admit. 
I have always been a fan of most protein bars, especially Balance. I discovered 2 new flavors this summer in St Louis (I have yet to see em in Utah) and I'm absolutely hooked. S'mores and Lemon meringue crunch.. They're bigger than the other older Balance bars but they're the same calories!! Great for on-the-go.

 SO I blogged awhile ago about Lite salsa ranch to dip in veggies and I still love it, but I was reminded from my girl, Chantel that she uses yogurt- based dip, that I had never seen. Low and behold, a little trip to Costco, and I spotted this baby.
It's DELICIOUS! (i'm not even a huge fan of Green yogurt but this is tasty)

AND you may already be aware of the calorie-counting programs online, which are all great. The one that works best for me is myfitnesspal.com.  I just sold my old bodybugg because there's FREE programs, such as this one, and honestly, it's the nutrition part that gets me so this is all I need. Love it.
Is this not so true?! I keep thinking I have this goal in mind, but I've slacked in my progress, and lately I've been thinking, it's now or never!! No more excuses..

Friday, August 26, 2011

New chevron rug!!

Hello my little minions-
You sick of chevron yet? Hope not, cuz then you're gonna look at this post with a yawn. BUT I'm still happy about it! Back months ago, (Memorial Day to be exact) I blogged about a rug sale in which I bought a freaking awesome chevron rug. I had it delivered to my sister in Utah, while I was living in St Louis, but you know I'm back, so that means I finally got to open it and try it out!
I can not repeat enough the effect a rug has on a room. Most of my furniture is recycled junk, not gonna lie.  But a rug really anchors it, makes my living room look at least a tad more expensive, and I happen to love it.
*Disclaimer* there are still some very hideous aspects to this room, don't think I love it like this ;) But it has come a long way... I am done decorating for now since we are house hunting. The rug will indeed be moving into the new house- everything else? Doubtful

Do I need to point out the ugly things I would change? I feel like I do...
New paint- this mud color is hideous
New hardware and paint job for dresser (this thing is sooo old but in awesome condition)
 NEW COUCH. isn't it obvious? I hate this fugly thing... saving my pennies. My floral ottoman was cute, for a DIY project, but it's time to say good-bye. Not feeling it with the rug, it's just too much.
And of course it needs curtains.

Can I tell you a secret about these pottery barn chairs? Expensive, hand-me-downs from my parents. Free, guess why. They're so ridiculous to sit in!!! Way too deep and awkward.
And I plan on repainting that silver ceramic stool, white since my brother asked why I have a keg in my living room? lol.. Yep I knew I shoulda painted it white all along.

ON the bright side- i love my rug! Anyone know good tips for caring for a wool one?? I hear you should be very careful with vacuuming, especially with a Dyson, which I have....

My favorite (affordable) headboards

Hi folks. I've decided I love upholstered headboards with nailhead trim. I mean, who doesn't? I've been especially keen on the serena and lily "octavia version." 

BUT tell me when in my life am I gonna have $1900 sitting around to purchase and ship this out to me?
I've seen many a DIY project of some sweet headboards, and I wonder if this is one I could attempt. Those Greek Key corners of nailhead will probably be a b**** to hammer in there, but I love the look dangit!

Anyhow, here's some awesome handmade headboards that rock my world.

Oh my word I love this. The HEIGHT on this thing is crazy awesome, and it looks custom made- by a professional. Not by someone like me who tends to get lazy and cut corners.
Tutorial here

This rich navy velvet is gorgeous
Tutorial here

Love this simplicity yet sophistication. And the double rows of nailhead is awesome
tutorial here

And THIS one is just plain awesome- and so different.
tutorial here

This regency-style headboard is not homemade, but from Overstock & it's a pretty good deal. Comes in several fabric choices and a queen is $277. Not too shabby. I'd almost want to paint the wood white, don't you think?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild Wallpaper

I can't recall where I first saw this.. A decorating mag no doubt, but I was kinda blown away. This girl, Payton Turner, who's like 25 is suddenly filthy rich because of this crazy artsy idea she had to make wallpaper from STICKERS!

stickers!! like the kind we grew up sticking all over our dressers and pissing our moms off!
crazy right?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to: Get a guy in 10 days

Have you seen this floatin around Pinterest yet? 
I wish I had this problem- of being too skinny. Did they really not know in the 1930's that you just need to EAT more!?

annnnnnnd i'm home!

We made it to Utah, and I am a happy woman. It's been a tiring couple of days, with unpacking and cleaning, but here I am!

Spotlighting one of my favorite furniture styles- the black and white painted variety. I heart these big time and foresee a DIY in my near future.

Alright so this is brown, but it's equally as chic.

 The famous Dorothy Draper chests
 Tobi Fairly- always have loved this image




Saturday, August 20, 2011

sIgNiNg OuT

Well peeps.. adios to St Louis for me. Today's a finish packing/cleaning/loading the car day which means boooooring and lots of work. I have loved St Louis BUT I'm excited to get back to Utah, which I never thought I'd love calling "home."
Have a killer weekend... I know I will, sitting in a car for 2 days while entertaining my toddler! =(

Be back next week!

Friday, August 19, 2011

elizabeth bauer deliciousness

These images might be a repeat for some, but I still love them! Oldies but goodies, ya know? I think it's proof that even with a small space, you can make a major impact! 

 I love the separation just with that glass screen, sectioning off the "bedroom" from the living area. And of course I love the lucite table! Swoon..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

decorating the bookshelf

Your husband thinks a bookshelf is just that- a shelf just for books. Mine does too, and doesn't see the point of knick knacks and decorative objects. Well that's why we're the decorators!
Now I am not an expert on this subject.. I know what looks good to me, but I still struggle to recreate these looks. But practice makes perfect! I've learned a few things about scale, and varying sizes, shapes and heights  so objects "pop" and create visual interest. But I think images can teach better than I can. I love these awesome inspirational pics:

 via pinterest

 via achados de decoracao
 by caitlin creer
 emily henderson
 by ana antunes (I believe)
 via lonny
 via oh happy day blog
 via peacock feathers

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