Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tasty morsels

Does tasty and healthy belong in the same sentence? Sometimes not, I do admit. 
I have always been a fan of most protein bars, especially Balance. I discovered 2 new flavors this summer in St Louis (I have yet to see em in Utah) and I'm absolutely hooked. S'mores and Lemon meringue crunch.. They're bigger than the other older Balance bars but they're the same calories!! Great for on-the-go.

 SO I blogged awhile ago about Lite salsa ranch to dip in veggies and I still love it, but I was reminded from my girl, Chantel that she uses yogurt- based dip, that I had never seen. Low and behold, a little trip to Costco, and I spotted this baby.
It's DELICIOUS! (i'm not even a huge fan of Green yogurt but this is tasty)

AND you may already be aware of the calorie-counting programs online, which are all great. The one that works best for me is myfitnesspal.com.  I just sold my old bodybugg because there's FREE programs, such as this one, and honestly, it's the nutrition part that gets me so this is all I need. Love it.
Is this not so true?! I keep thinking I have this goal in mind, but I've slacked in my progress, and lately I've been thinking, it's now or never!! No more excuses..

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  1. I love that dip! It's so versatile - I love it on fish tacos in place of sour cream or mixed with shredded broccoli and cabbage for a spicy slaw-like dish.


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