Friday, August 26, 2011

New chevron rug!!

Hello my little minions-
You sick of chevron yet? Hope not, cuz then you're gonna look at this post with a yawn. BUT I'm still happy about it! Back months ago, (Memorial Day to be exact) I blogged about a rug sale in which I bought a freaking awesome chevron rug. I had it delivered to my sister in Utah, while I was living in St Louis, but you know I'm back, so that means I finally got to open it and try it out!
I can not repeat enough the effect a rug has on a room. Most of my furniture is recycled junk, not gonna lie.  But a rug really anchors it, makes my living room look at least a tad more expensive, and I happen to love it.
*Disclaimer* there are still some very hideous aspects to this room, don't think I love it like this ;) But it has come a long way... I am done decorating for now since we are house hunting. The rug will indeed be moving into the new house- everything else? Doubtful

Do I need to point out the ugly things I would change? I feel like I do...
New paint- this mud color is hideous
New hardware and paint job for dresser (this thing is sooo old but in awesome condition)
 NEW COUCH. isn't it obvious? I hate this fugly thing... saving my pennies. My floral ottoman was cute, for a DIY project, but it's time to say good-bye. Not feeling it with the rug, it's just too much.
And of course it needs curtains.

Can I tell you a secret about these pottery barn chairs? Expensive, hand-me-downs from my parents. Free, guess why. They're so ridiculous to sit in!!! Way too deep and awkward.
And I plan on repainting that silver ceramic stool, white since my brother asked why I have a keg in my living room? lol.. Yep I knew I shoulda painted it white all along.

ON the bright side- i love my rug! Anyone know good tips for caring for a wool one?? I hear you should be very careful with vacuuming, especially with a Dyson, which I have....

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