Wednesday, August 17, 2011

chair love

I have lately been checking out dining sets, I mean a new table, and new chairs, since I don't want a matching set actually. We are going to be moving once we get back to Utah and I know we'll need something different since our current set is fugly. 
I'm pretty decided on a round table, perhaps a Craig's List project (we're gonna need LOTS of new furniture, so I gotta skimp where I can!) 
And chairs is the fun part, I think, so I've been scoping out these awesome ones..
I keep seeing them spring up everywhere in party/outdoor settings, but I think they'd be adorable in a kitchen/dining area!

Images from pinterest,  House of Turquoise, and Effortless Style blog

So I've been trying to find out where you can buy em, it's kinda hard to know where to start, or what to search for, but I found some!!
Home Decorators has come to my rescue in a couple of adorable colors! They're just a little pricey at $129 plus $20 shipping.. each.  Six chairs later and that's a lot of freaking money.

So of course I didn't stop my search there, there has to be a cheaper version somewhere
And yes I did find it! The chiavari chair from! They are $48.99! And made out of wood (or acrylic) instead of the aluminum ones at HD.

Good find, yes? =) I'm kinda excited about them, but then again, there's a LOT of chair styles I like....

OH P.S. Just happened to find more of these awesome chairs, starting at $28.99! At Apparently chiavari chairs is what they're officially called?

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  1. GREAT find! I've been looking for dining chairs and was just going to go with something boring standard off craigslist, but these are CHEAP! and DARLING!


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