Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blog update!

My blog has a new name. The old one just never was workin for me and it took me a while to think of what I really wanted. And Emerald Cidade it is. Why, you may ask?
I love green. Emerald green is up there on my favorites and it also happens to be my birthstone. Cidade (pronounced see-dodge-ee) is City in Portuguese and, well, Wizard of Oz always was a favorite of mine. Plus I wanted something less in-your-face decorating blog, because let's face it, I post a lot of random stuff on here! So there is my explanation. You asked for it. (right?) =)

I've posted a few times about this Ikea mirror and I remembered a post from little green notebook about what she did with them. Her parent's bathroom received a makeover and they opted to keep the simple huge mirror on the vanity wall, but added these mirrors on top using these hanging strips.
 This looks so beautiful to me! I wonder if the edges makes it annoying to look in the mirror, but it could be really cool for a guest bath or something. This blogger, Jenny is amazing- cutest house, awesome style, and tons of great ideas!

1 comment:

  1. Those mirrors look great! Love the name change. It's perfect :)


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