Monday, August 8, 2011

Biggest Decorating Mistakes!

From some top designers, I wanted to share some mistakes we all want to avoid when decorating. I found this at House Beautiful, and I definitely learned a thing or two! (because I am not an expert!)

Out-of-Proportion Lamps
Lamps that are disproportionate on either side of a sofa is a no-no. Don't try to get creative- keep it simple.

Candles clustered together
(I did not know about this!) A more balanced and alluring aesthetic is achieved when candlesticks are spread out around a room.

 Overzealous decorating painting 
It can be a beautiful addition to a space, but you gotta know when to stop! Brilliant painting is elegant and polished, but go too far, and you end up with vulgarity.
 Overhead lighting
(this is something I need to do when I move home). Bright overhead lights suck- they make you feel like you're onstage. Dimmers and soft white bulbs are best for every room, including bathrooms. Lighting shouldn't wash you out.
(Here's a great tip I've learned- if you put in soft pink light bulbs, it casts a glow that is flattering on EVERYONE!!)

Karate-chopped pillows
(again, another one I hadn't thought of) Your living room arrangement of pillows should not be fussy. The "karate chop" would never occur in pillow nature!
(Although I still like the look!)

Furniture pushed up against the walls
Seating arrangement in a living room should not make conversation difficult. You want to create intimacy, without all that wide-open space.

A single light source
The key to good lighting is layering it at different heights. Mix overhead and floor or table lamps. The warm pools of light draw people in, creating intimacy.
Don't be guilty of these decorating blunders. Go pull that couch from away from the wall, I know that's where you have it!

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