Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easiest DIY project of my life

So, I see all sorts of projects on pinterest where I think, yeah I could do that! But the reality is- I kinda suck and my projects never turn out. I don't have that much patience, plus I'm really not that artsy.
But I saw this tutorial for a pelmet box and it seemed so easy, I had to at least attempt it.

By the way:

pelmet [ˈpɛlmɪt]
an ornamental drapery or board fixed above a window to conceal the curtain rail

Also known as a cornice.

I have all plantation shutters in my house.. so there's no need for curtains really. BUT my family room and kitchen window do not have shutters so that's where I wanted to have some fun as far as window treatments go.

My kitchen window is cute, overlooking our backyard with a view of the mountain. I love it, but I wanted some kind of pattern & interest in my kitchen, and that window was the answer. I didn't care for privacy, so this is strictly decorative. 

I love how it turned out! A project that was actually successful!
Follow the link to Jenny's blog for the tutorial. She's seriously a genius when it comes to DIY projects and decorating. Awesome style.
For information's sake though, this cost less than $20 to make, and took a few hours, only because I was juggling two kids at the same time. It's actually really fast and not hard.

You need:
foam core board- Yeah it's not even made of wood! Foam board costs like $2 at Hobby Lobby

It's cut with an xacto knife and assembled with duct tape! So ghetto right?!
Then I just used used my handy staple gun to "upholster" the cornice. 
Jenny actually hung hers with nails, but mine was in that little space, so I actually used those velcro wall hanger things.. (gosh what are those called?)
Awesomely easy and no one needs to know it's so cheap.. except now you all know ;)

 This was Jenny's for her girls' room.. Super cute and I love the shape & trim... But since I used a striped fabric, I wanted a simpler shape. Too busy = no bueno.

Here's some fun ideas (via pinterest) for shapes if you are good with an xacto knife or just feel crafty ;)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

operation abs

My baby's 2 months now.. why do I still look 5 months pregnant?
Okay my post-baby belly is sloooooowly going back, but I remember springing back a lot quicker after Carter. But maybe I'm way more aware than I was after Carter. Who knows.

All I know is c-sections are kinda rough on your abs. Your stomach is stretched out then cut, and your muscles are pulled open and apart to get the baby out. No wonder they're just barely not sore anymore...

So I joined a gym and I'm hitting it hard core. Best feeling in the world. The following statement couldn't be more true.

So I had one of those free training sessions with a trainer, aaaaand they took my body fat. It's horrendous. 28%.. This time last year I was 11%.
I know, I just gave birth, so I will cut myself some slack.
I took "before" pictures at 4 weeks and 8 weeks postpartum and those are also scary. One day I will share them, once I don't look like that anymore ;)
Speaking of which, I lost a quick 20 pounds after Mason and then my body just stopped. So annoying. Not a pound more came off on its own, until I amped up my workouts at the gym.
I love the gym.

P.S. Moms- I recently read that you shouldn't cut calories or work out too hard if you're breastfeeding, until about 2 months post-partum. I learned the hard way that your milk will disappear.
After 2 months you're more regulated and that's exactly what happened with me, so now I feel like things are under control- and I don't have mom guilt! Win-win

People are asking me lately if I'm going to compete again. Right now I'm 80% towards yes. I just want that challenge of having to have 2 c-sections but disciplining myself enough to get back each time. 
I can do this!

I read something on pinterest a while ago (can't find it now) that said something like- Skinny people are lucky, but people who have had to work to get fit are stronger. 
This baby weight is not going to lose itself as easily as it did with my first.
I didn't spring back into my size 2 jeans after 2 weeks like lots of girls I know.
I'm going to have to work my butt off and it's going to require time and patience, and accepting this extra padding and cellulite for a while.
But each workout, I'm a little bit closer.. The weight isn't changing much but I'm not worrying about it anymore because my body is changing for the better. 
I'm going to get that 6-pack back!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

my boys

If you're any acquaintance of mine, you've already seen this picture I took yesterday morning. I very much love it. Carter had thrown up all night, and Mason wanted to eat every hour. Neither Aaron or I got any sleep. BUT this moment made me forget for a second how tired I was, and how glad I am that they are so cute together! Carter loves Mason and Mason is always fascinated by Carter. Let's hope this lasts... 

Carter cracks us up. I have a list in my Notes on my phone of some of Carter's funny quotes. He's very tender hearted and lately, if he gets upset, ( or if he's in trouble and I'm upset with him), he cries, and then says "I need a hug." Then, "I need another hug." Everyone forgets about being upset when we're hugging!
Also, if I get frustrated because he's not putting on his shoes like I asked, or he didn't put away his toys, I have to get stern with him. Which prompts him to ask, "Mommy are you happy?" Tricky question. I would at first reply, "No, Carter, I'm upset because you're not being obedient." He asks if I am happy over and over again until I reply, "Yes Carter I am happy."
He's quite smart. He's like a peacemaker without even knowing it!
Love these boys

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Spring has sprung!... 
(except here in Utah it snowed last night, OF course).
Our neighbor does landscape design so we've hired him on to plan out our yard and I'm so excited! Great timing too since it's spring time and Easter, and I've gotten to look up flowers and plants and things I know nothing about.

I about fell over when he brought over plans with peonies mixed in, in certain areas . Who doesn't love peonies?!! You can never find them, and I had no idea I could just grow them in my yard. SO happy about that.

I will be requesting ranunculus. They're so cool

I love these big cedars we're putting in.. 
Lilac trees, one of my favorites. 

Some big maples- Come fall, I'm going to be in heaven

 And bulbs- tulips

Anyone that's been to our house may have noticed we have no front steps or entry. That was not our doing, so don't feel bad if you thought we were weird. We will soon have a walkway through grass!
And a fence.
And some cool stuff in the backyard.
I feel like the exterior of our house is so blah, so having landscaping and color is going to be HUGE. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

house stuff

Ever since we got our dining table I've been looking for a set of chairs that "go" but don't match. I don't like dining sets. So basically for 3 months I've been this close to buying chairs that I thought I liked but could never commit to. I have commitment issues when it comes to stuff in my house. 
I check Joss & Main and One Kings Lane every single day for good furniture deals, and I hoped I'd find something that would work.
Everything was out of my budget or not cute.
So then one day, I see this beauty... 
It's a desk chair that is supposed to be part of a bedroom set for like a teenager.
I LOVE IT. And they were cheap! As my luck would have it, they were sold out, OF COURSE. So I jotted down the brand and scoured the internet. They were out of stock everywhere. But when I want something bad, I find a way to get it (my husband loves me for this... not). 
I found the chair on wayfair, and just had them email me when they had stock again. And they did! About a week later, I was notified, and a few days after that, they were at my door!
They are now out of stock again.

They are perfect.
They're not totally white, which I would have liked. They're kind of off-white/ivory but whatever. It's close enough for me.
And my custom chairs I ordered from Gatehouse turned out great. I wasn't sure at first how they'd be, but they pull gray and they pull tan, which ties everything in and they are comfortable
I always thought "custom" meant expensive.. but I've found that you can make it what you want, within your budget. I spent $200 less on each of these than I budgeted for. (happy husband).
Tall wingbacks were the answer to my family room with high ceilings. Take note ;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

House projects

This is way overdue, but I've purposely delayed posting these projects mostly because I was slightly to moderately disappointed with their outcomes. But what the hey.. learn from my mistakes..

Unless you live under a rock .. or you don't live on pinterest ;) you've likely come across a plethora of Ikea hacks. So here's a typical one that I decided to tackle.
$35 Ikea nightstands

*turned cool*
Yeah they're definitely better, but I think I don't like how the trim matches the wall. No, scratch that. I hate the wall color. I really want to paint my tan bedroom... one day.
And the lamp is since gone. I broke it.
I bought the wood fretwork from overlays. They have cool stuff to transform furniture, especially Ikea.

So, once upon a time in BlogWorld, I stumbled upon a blogger who framed marbled paper.
This one to be exact.
It was stunning. 
What's even more awesome is that this paper is CHEAP!!
This art above my settee was $40 total. $35 for the Ikea frame and $5 for the art print!
It's from papermojo. That site is seriously my new favorite. (granted you do pay more in shipping than what the papers are actually worth but whatever, it's still a deal!)

I bought another sheet of marbled paper and cut it in half, and framed em both. Don't like this location though, so they are being moved.
FYI, DO NOT buy frames from Hobby Lobby. I have had so many issues with just these two stupid frames. Struggles..

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