Thursday, March 21, 2013


Spring has sprung!... 
(except here in Utah it snowed last night, OF course).
Our neighbor does landscape design so we've hired him on to plan out our yard and I'm so excited! Great timing too since it's spring time and Easter, and I've gotten to look up flowers and plants and things I know nothing about.

I about fell over when he brought over plans with peonies mixed in, in certain areas . Who doesn't love peonies?!! You can never find them, and I had no idea I could just grow them in my yard. SO happy about that.

I will be requesting ranunculus. They're so cool

I love these big cedars we're putting in.. 
Lilac trees, one of my favorites. 

Some big maples- Come fall, I'm going to be in heaven

 And bulbs- tulips

Anyone that's been to our house may have noticed we have no front steps or entry. That was not our doing, so don't feel bad if you thought we were weird. We will soon have a walkway through grass!
And a fence.
And some cool stuff in the backyard.
I feel like the exterior of our house is so blah, so having landscaping and color is going to be HUGE. 

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