Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easiest DIY project of my life

So, I see all sorts of projects on pinterest where I think, yeah I could do that! But the reality is- I kinda suck and my projects never turn out. I don't have that much patience, plus I'm really not that artsy.
But I saw this tutorial for a pelmet box and it seemed so easy, I had to at least attempt it.

By the way:

pelmet [ˈpɛlmɪt]
an ornamental drapery or board fixed above a window to conceal the curtain rail

Also known as a cornice.

I have all plantation shutters in my house.. so there's no need for curtains really. BUT my family room and kitchen window do not have shutters so that's where I wanted to have some fun as far as window treatments go.

My kitchen window is cute, overlooking our backyard with a view of the mountain. I love it, but I wanted some kind of pattern & interest in my kitchen, and that window was the answer. I didn't care for privacy, so this is strictly decorative. 

I love how it turned out! A project that was actually successful!
Follow the link to Jenny's blog for the tutorial. She's seriously a genius when it comes to DIY projects and decorating. Awesome style.
For information's sake though, this cost less than $20 to make, and took a few hours, only because I was juggling two kids at the same time. It's actually really fast and not hard.

You need:
foam core board- Yeah it's not even made of wood! Foam board costs like $2 at Hobby Lobby

It's cut with an xacto knife and assembled with duct tape! So ghetto right?!
Then I just used used my handy staple gun to "upholster" the cornice. 
Jenny actually hung hers with nails, but mine was in that little space, so I actually used those velcro wall hanger things.. (gosh what are those called?)
Awesomely easy and no one needs to know it's so cheap.. except now you all know ;)

 This was Jenny's for her girls' room.. Super cute and I love the shape & trim... But since I used a striped fabric, I wanted a simpler shape. Too busy = no bueno.

Here's some fun ideas (via pinterest) for shapes if you are good with an xacto knife or just feel crafty ;)

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