Thursday, March 7, 2013

House projects

This is way overdue, but I've purposely delayed posting these projects mostly because I was slightly to moderately disappointed with their outcomes. But what the hey.. learn from my mistakes..

Unless you live under a rock .. or you don't live on pinterest ;) you've likely come across a plethora of Ikea hacks. So here's a typical one that I decided to tackle.
$35 Ikea nightstands

*turned cool*
Yeah they're definitely better, but I think I don't like how the trim matches the wall. No, scratch that. I hate the wall color. I really want to paint my tan bedroom... one day.
And the lamp is since gone. I broke it.
I bought the wood fretwork from overlays. They have cool stuff to transform furniture, especially Ikea.

So, once upon a time in BlogWorld, I stumbled upon a blogger who framed marbled paper.
This one to be exact.
It was stunning. 
What's even more awesome is that this paper is CHEAP!!
This art above my settee was $40 total. $35 for the Ikea frame and $5 for the art print!
It's from papermojo. That site is seriously my new favorite. (granted you do pay more in shipping than what the papers are actually worth but whatever, it's still a deal!)

I bought another sheet of marbled paper and cut it in half, and framed em both. Don't like this location though, so they are being moved.
FYI, DO NOT buy frames from Hobby Lobby. I have had so many issues with just these two stupid frames. Struggles..

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