Friday, February 22, 2013

Update on the kiddos

Here's an overload of pictures for ya'll...
I'm one of those moms that has nothing much to talk about but her kids =) That's okay with me for now.. since that's the reality of my life!
The hubs is gone in Texas (for 3 + weeks!) so it's been a challenge keeping sane with a newborn and a toddler that's potty training. But my kids are alive... sooo..... success!

First day back to church. You can't see the dark circles under my eyes.. but I assure you they are there.
I was told that in this picture, Aaron looks like a cardboard cutout. True right??
 My little cuddle bunny. He ALWAYS ends up in our bed. Already a manipulator ;)
 I'm so relieved Carter has been a GREAT big brother! He gets really excited every time Mason's eyes are open. I caught Mason smile once, and it was when Carter was playing with him. So sweet
 Mason wasn't digging Carter this particular morning lol... angry babies kinda make me laugh

 Silly little man.. with his receding hair line

 Most of my family came to town for Mason's baby blessing at Church- which was so so great. I had ALL my brothers stand in to bless Mason and it was really special, and a fun weekend. My dad loves babies, and it's his favorite thing to bathe them... so I reserved Mason's bath for him. =) Mason loved it.
 We ventured out one night to Trafalga. Carter sure loves his daddy. We went with my cousin Jake and daughter Olivia for her b-day!

Carter's been asking to nap in his teepee tent as of late. Sure, Carter, I don't care where you sleep, as long as you take a nap! It's becoming more rare these days =(
 Mason is high maintenance. Thinks he wants to eat ALL the time, and when he's not eating he wants to be held. So here we are, toting him around in the bjorn to get anything done... I don't mind it, the straps are just a great reminder of the back rolls I have yet to get rid of.. lol

Chubby cheeks. He's really getting chunky. I love it. At his 2-week Dr appt, the pediatrician said they hope babies by then, have gained back what they had lost in the hospital. Mason gained back the weight PLUS a whole pound! Tripled the doctors expectations- So now you know that I spend 90% of my day as a milk machine ;)

 Carter loving on baby. <3
See the chunkiness? He had long skinny legs when he was born, just 4 weeks ago. Now he's got rolls!

Oh hey! Lots more alert time

 "That Home Decorators magazine was awesome, now I'm worn out"

 A glimpse of Mason's unfinished nursery. The bedroom is so huge, I still don't even know how I'm ever gonna finish decorating it.

Milk drunk

 Mason is wearing a 3- month sweater, and premie pants. Nice proportions, baby ;)

Distracted by lights. So I can cook dinner. That's how we roll


  1. They are beautiful! And the picture of your dad bathing your baby is to die for. You make em good, Steph :)

  2. Mason is a chub! I love it!! That's so cute Carter was napping in his teepee.

  3. Your family is so adorable Steph. Congrats on the newest addition.


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