Thursday, December 8, 2011

Takin a break

Well, as much as I love my blog here, it's gonna sit for a bit. I feel like there's too much going on and at the moment I'm not feeling much inspiration. That being said, I'll probably end up "consolidating" a few blogs (yes I have like 5 I contribute to!) I think once our house is built, I'll have fun projects to share & spaces to design, and more interesting things to post about. For now, it's time to get off the internet, and clean my house! 
If you care to follow my super exciting life, I post about decorating on Tuesdays at 

I have a family blog which is still public (until I get uncomfortable with crazies and make it private!)

And you can follow my progress with fitness competition prep at 

Til next time =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well we put up the tree last week, that is always exciting:
My child is in between sizes. Hence the gangsta pants ;) It's like church ghetto khakis. With crocs. 
 Here she is, all finished and sparkly. There are times when I think I want a simple white and gold glamorous, classy tree. But then again, red and green is just too fun for me.

Made a few TJ Maxx and HomeGoods runs this month already, and I want EVERYTHING!!
Like this beautiful velvet tufted chair (set of 2). I like that the legs are wooden and make it a bit more rustic.

The faux-croc wrapping paper gets me every year!

SO, great news.. but not my news. My sister and her husband moved into a new house!! Well, they built a house, and now I have the privilege of decorating it for them, wahooOoOo!
They scored a bunch of nice furniture from family members, and this little table is one of them. Now neither my sister nor I are huge on shabby chic, but this piece with its awesome scalloped edges is gonna get a makeover and it's gonna be awesome.
 K check this mirror... cool geometric. Ugly color... On clearance for $25. This will be the easiest thing to spray paint, and again... it's going to be awesome.
 Cute chair we snatched up!! We were just super bummed there weren't two. We're still on the lookout, but this is super cute in her formal living room.
 And THIS! Yeah it was love at first sight for me. And there were 3 and I wanted to buy 2 myself, but I miraculously resisted, and let my sister take the $99 hit. (I'm so nice aren't I?) You see, I was so excited about it, I only managed to get one shoe off before snapping this pic!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gettin real.. =(

K folks, it's been a few weeks since my last "Fitness update." I've been meeting with my trainer Brian just once a week, but things have been going well, and pretty consistent.

I had my body fat measured today- From high 17% a few weeks ago, it's down to just under 17% so it's a loss of about 1%. I wasn't super thrilled to be honest. I was hoping for more because I can feel some changes- things are getting tighter, like my abs and my butt! Thanksgiving was rough for me nutrition-wise, so I had to bounce back from that. I did lose a pound and a half, so down to 118.5 but that's not really important (although it's the lowest I can remember so I'll take it!)

The trainer thinks I'm right on track, that we should go at it slowly, since we are still about 14 weeks out from competition.

For your enjoyment, I took the liberty of uploading a "fat" picture for ya! Sure I had just had a baby 6 days before this picture, but let's be honest, there's no excuse for me having tipped the scale at 175!!

My husband and I have since lost a LOT of weight since this picture 2 years ago.. thank goodness!
Ya know what's sad? The photographer for these photos is AMAZING and did these for free, and we looked so gross, we couldn't even use them!!

Embarrassed but proud at the same time... Behold, 2 years later....
So this was last week... so probably 17% body fat or just under...

ANNNND the goal..
Yep, I've still got a LOT of whittling down to do!!

PS found this awesome pin on pinterest today:
RIGHT?????? Subtract for hair too! My hair must weigh a ton!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas with aqua

So I've blogged before about one of my favorite designers (also a tv producer): Ana Antunes from Portugal. Her house is off the hook, especially this dining room. She's got it all jazzed up for Christmas and I. Love. It. You don't have to decorate with red and green peeps!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Poppy Tree!

Hi folks, I have a great product to introduce, made by my cousin, Kim!
First, she's an awesome photographer down in California (if you're near Yucaipa, look her up!)
They've started producing "Poppy Tree"frames and are offering holiday discounts!

This is one of my favorites

 Love the idea of hanging several like this =)

Check out the whole collection on her website: Poppy Tree Frames

These would make fantastic Christmas gifts, and she's also offering a giveaway! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the mini desk

When it comes to little desks/vanities OUT of the home office, I'm all for it. They're cute! Me gustan.
It's a great way to use an empty wall and make it both functional and cozy, in my humble opinion. Never tried it, but I intend to

side note: I'm enamored lately by emerald green + leopard. so hot.

via brightbazaar
via housebeautiful

Monday, November 28, 2011

stocking stuffers

If you ask me, women are easy...

What to ask for in your stocking this year:

Coach poppy travel perfume
Have you smelled it? Me likey

turquoise soap rocks from amazon
I would never wash my hands with these, they're too pretty!
 gloves from anthro
Scratch that. Anything from anthro

Candle from furbish studio
Ya the little vases they come in are reusable, and they rock

 the Oprah sports bra
K i know what you're thinking... this is FUGLY. But wait! This "enell" sports bra as revolutionized running for me! No joke.. if you have the blessing dilemma of having large bosoms, you know that not any sports bra will get the job done.
This thing is amazing.. and pricey at around $70 but I say it's totally worth it! (just see if you can find one that's not so full-coverage... mine comes up so high that its ugliness creeps up and shows).
 iphone cover on etsy (pretty smitten shop)
I am still wanting one of these personalized ones!

My mac favorites:
painterfly.. eyeshadow base. Sounds blah, but I really feel that with this on first, you could use the crappiest of crappy Walmart-brand eye shadow and still have it look good!
Plus it's nice to just swipe on there alone for a natural look. I heart it
 mineralize bronzer:
Will last you FOREVER

Donna Karan deodorant
This is one of those little things to make you feel luxurious, I love this stuff
Iomoi designer pens
I am enamored by these. I say everyone needs a fancy set of pens!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

miss me?

I'm back from a warm week in Arizona.. I just got fatter by the day. It's so great for training, let me tell ya.
That being said, we ate a lot, but stayed active a lot with some hikes and (my first) 5k! We miss that weather already...

Will return to regular programming shortly.... =)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

maybe you care, maybe you don't..

We finalized everything this week on the house. Just waiting now on the floor plans to come back from the engineer, and getting the permits, and we FINALLY will see the digging start. Quite a complicated process, let me tell ya.
Well here's some fun deets on our rambler:

What she'll look like: with dark gray siding, cream shakes up top and white trim. Black roof and black door (plus an extra garage)

Our PICKS: these little images do not do them justice

Kitchen quartz. So much more amazing in person- and a bit more gray.
White kitchen cabinets and a dark brown (almost black) island.

bathroom quartz
bathroom shower surround & fireplace tile

tile for bathrooms & laundry floors

Gray (laminate) hardwood floors. Yes we went with laminate. They keep on looking better, and for the price, I don't even mind. This isn't the exact one but I can't find ours online... you get the picture

I love the pedestal sink we picked out for our powder. She's a beaut

There's some of the funner details going on... Now it's just a lot of waaaaaiiiittttiiiinnnnggggg..

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