Monday, November 28, 2011

stocking stuffers

If you ask me, women are easy...

What to ask for in your stocking this year:

Coach poppy travel perfume
Have you smelled it? Me likey

turquoise soap rocks from amazon
I would never wash my hands with these, they're too pretty!
 gloves from anthro
Scratch that. Anything from anthro

Candle from furbish studio
Ya the little vases they come in are reusable, and they rock

 the Oprah sports bra
K i know what you're thinking... this is FUGLY. But wait! This "enell" sports bra as revolutionized running for me! No joke.. if you have the blessing dilemma of having large bosoms, you know that not any sports bra will get the job done.
This thing is amazing.. and pricey at around $70 but I say it's totally worth it! (just see if you can find one that's not so full-coverage... mine comes up so high that its ugliness creeps up and shows).
 iphone cover on etsy (pretty smitten shop)
I am still wanting one of these personalized ones!

My mac favorites:
painterfly.. eyeshadow base. Sounds blah, but I really feel that with this on first, you could use the crappiest of crappy Walmart-brand eye shadow and still have it look good!
Plus it's nice to just swipe on there alone for a natural look. I heart it
 mineralize bronzer:
Will last you FOREVER

Donna Karan deodorant
This is one of those little things to make you feel luxurious, I love this stuff
Iomoi designer pens
I am enamored by these. I say everyone needs a fancy set of pens!

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