Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I think it's time to share our family photos we got taken a few weeks ago. My friend, Megan did an awesome job and we loved how they turned out!
Let me tell ya, it's hard work trying to figure out the wardrobe, and there's just 3 of us! I dunno how people do it with like 20 kids.. or 5... AND to get them smiling at the same time.

So guess which one made the Christmas card =)

You can check out more of Megan's work on her facebook page: Apple Blossom Photography


  1. Nice photos...

    You have a very wonderful looking family.

    Your son looks so cute and adorable.

    Nice shots,
    something for the memories ♥

  2. Stephanie, darling, you are soooo beautiful and you have a beautiful family too!!


  3. beautiful family!!! Love the shot on the school bus. may be my fave. They are all so darn cute tough.


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