Tuesday, November 22, 2011

maybe you care, maybe you don't..

We finalized everything this week on the house. Just waiting now on the floor plans to come back from the engineer, and getting the permits, and we FINALLY will see the digging start. Quite a complicated process, let me tell ya.
Well here's some fun deets on our rambler:

What she'll look like: with dark gray siding, cream shakes up top and white trim. Black roof and black door (plus an extra garage)

Our PICKS: these little images do not do them justice

Kitchen quartz. So much more amazing in person- and a bit more gray.
White kitchen cabinets and a dark brown (almost black) island.

bathroom quartz
bathroom shower surround & fireplace tile

tile for bathrooms & laundry floors

Gray (laminate) hardwood floors. Yes we went with laminate. They keep on looking better, and for the price, I don't even mind. This isn't the exact one but I can't find ours online... you get the picture

I love the pedestal sink we picked out for our powder. She's a beaut

There's some of the funner details going on... Now it's just a lot of waaaaaiiiittttiiiinnnnggggg..


  1. We have laminate in our house and I think the quality of it has come so far! People don't even realize they aren't real wood floors.

  2. yay i love everything!!! so so cute! I like these posts, i was actually gonna ask you the other day to put the plans on your blog!

  3. loved beautiful

    ;0) kisses Binis


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