Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gettin real.. =(

K folks, it's been a few weeks since my last "Fitness update." I've been meeting with my trainer Brian just once a week, but things have been going well, and pretty consistent.

I had my body fat measured today- From high 17% a few weeks ago, it's down to just under 17% so it's a loss of about 1%. I wasn't super thrilled to be honest. I was hoping for more because I can feel some changes- things are getting tighter, like my abs and my butt! Thanksgiving was rough for me nutrition-wise, so I had to bounce back from that. I did lose a pound and a half, so down to 118.5 but that's not really important (although it's the lowest I can remember so I'll take it!)

The trainer thinks I'm right on track, that we should go at it slowly, since we are still about 14 weeks out from competition.

For your enjoyment, I took the liberty of uploading a "fat" picture for ya! Sure I had just had a baby 6 days before this picture, but let's be honest, there's no excuse for me having tipped the scale at 175!!

My husband and I have since lost a LOT of weight since this picture 2 years ago.. thank goodness!
Ya know what's sad? The photographer for these photos is AMAZING and did these for free, and we looked so gross, we couldn't even use them!!

Embarrassed but proud at the same time... Behold, 2 years later....
So this was last week... so probably 17% body fat or just under...

ANNNND the goal..
Yep, I've still got a LOT of whittling down to do!!

PS found this awesome pin on pinterest today:
RIGHT?????? Subtract for hair too! My hair must weigh a ton!


  1. Oh my word Steph, you seriously just motivated me so much. You look so amazing! I know, things were rough for me too after having Brighton, so I get that for sure. You still look so beautiful in that very post baby pic!

  2. You look amazing!!

  3. Holy cow you look OUTSTANDING! Wish I looked that good. You go girl!!!


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