Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well we put up the tree last week, that is always exciting:
My child is in between sizes. Hence the gangsta pants ;) It's like church ghetto khakis. With crocs. 
 Here she is, all finished and sparkly. There are times when I think I want a simple white and gold glamorous, classy tree. But then again, red and green is just too fun for me.

Made a few TJ Maxx and HomeGoods runs this month already, and I want EVERYTHING!!
Like this beautiful velvet tufted chair (set of 2). I like that the legs are wooden and make it a bit more rustic.

The faux-croc wrapping paper gets me every year!

SO, great news.. but not my news. My sister and her husband moved into a new house!! Well, they built a house, and now I have the privilege of decorating it for them, wahooOoOo!
They scored a bunch of nice furniture from family members, and this little table is one of them. Now neither my sister nor I are huge on shabby chic, but this piece with its awesome scalloped edges is gonna get a makeover and it's gonna be awesome.
 K check this mirror... cool geometric. Ugly color... On clearance for $25. This will be the easiest thing to spray paint, and again... it's going to be awesome.
 Cute chair we snatched up!! We were just super bummed there weren't two. We're still on the lookout, but this is super cute in her formal living room.
 And THIS! Yeah it was love at first sight for me. And there were 3 and I wanted to buy 2 myself, but I miraculously resisted, and let my sister take the $99 hit. (I'm so nice aren't I?) You see, I was so excited about it, I only managed to get one shoe off before snapping this pic!

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  1. LOVE the table and LOVE the $25 clearance jealous of that find!!


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