Sunday, March 24, 2013

my boys

If you're any acquaintance of mine, you've already seen this picture I took yesterday morning. I very much love it. Carter had thrown up all night, and Mason wanted to eat every hour. Neither Aaron or I got any sleep. BUT this moment made me forget for a second how tired I was, and how glad I am that they are so cute together! Carter loves Mason and Mason is always fascinated by Carter. Let's hope this lasts... 

Carter cracks us up. I have a list in my Notes on my phone of some of Carter's funny quotes. He's very tender hearted and lately, if he gets upset, ( or if he's in trouble and I'm upset with him), he cries, and then says "I need a hug." Then, "I need another hug." Everyone forgets about being upset when we're hugging!
Also, if I get frustrated because he's not putting on his shoes like I asked, or he didn't put away his toys, I have to get stern with him. Which prompts him to ask, "Mommy are you happy?" Tricky question. I would at first reply, "No, Carter, I'm upset because you're not being obedient." He asks if I am happy over and over again until I reply, "Yes Carter I am happy."
He's quite smart. He's like a peacemaker without even knowing it!
Love these boys

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