Saturday, April 13, 2013

Onto the next project.. Operation Office

For some time now, I've been intrigued by grasscloth wallpaper. It's a natural texture that adds a lot to a room.
 This turquoise is amazing. The seams kinda bug me, and I thought- why wouldn't they line those up right?? But every strip is different, so it's near impossible.
So I decided I still appreciate the look =)
 LOVE the gray. I love that the texture can make it elegant but still masculine.

 Insert our home office- the way the people before us had it.
I don't hate red.
But I'm not a fan of such a dark red (which screams 2002 to me) right when you walk into the front door. 

So I've taken it upon myself to makeover this office, using faux grasscloth wallpaper. I know, it doesn't look that exciting, but it's 80% done and it is amazing. It's subtle but so pretty. 
I did my research and decided on faux, 1- because it's cheaper. By a lot.
2- It's much easier to put on. Real grasscloth is just that- natural, real fibers, that if you get glue on the front side, you're kind of screwed. It does not come off easily, and let's be honest. I am not that tidy when it comes to my projects ;)
3- Real grasscloth absorbs smells. Luckily we are not smokers or pet owners, and I'd like to think my house smells pretty normal and good. But it also holds onto stains were one of my children to spill on the wall ( that would NEVER happen right?!)
So anyway, I will post the "after" pictures asap!

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