Sunday, April 14, 2013


Let's talk some fitness..

Still working hard at the gym, not seeing the baby weight melt off, and again, I know better. I'm telling myself it's OKAY. But about a month ago, I had my body fat tested at the gym- by the electronic handheld ones, which are not super accurate. But whatever.
I tested it again last week, and I'm down 3%! Within a month, that's pretty good. I'm proving my own point I always tell people- if you're working out hard and eating pretty healthy, the scale might not move, but you are getting leaner and more fit.
And there we go. Progress.

Which brings me to my next quandry, which I need some major input on.

So please comment!

I want to use my degree (BS in exercise science & fitness) and renew my personal training certification!
My national cert just came out with a new program specializing in weight loss, which intrigues me, because I feel like it's pretty simple. But obviously there must be a lot more to learn about the science of weight loss if there's a whole program for it. And let's be honest, most of my clientele in the past have the same goal- losing weight and getting toned.
I actually really want to create a business helping women lose the baby weight because I feel like that's where a lot of people get hung up. And since I've been there (I'm still there!), I can certainly empathize.

So here's my plan- We have an unfinished basement. With plans to finish it probably by the end of this year. I want to section off part for a home gym where I can train clients. And charge less than going to a trainer at a gym.

Does that appeal to women? Would you feel limited (or jipped!) with the equipment that a smaller space would have?
I feel like it'd be less intimidating, because you don't have gym-goers watching you work out.
And since I have kids, and most people I'd train would have kids, scheduling could be a little more flexible, and they could bring them over if they needed to.

Anyway, I'm interested in feedback, ideas, or questions- I want to start setting up a business plan and invest in good equipment but I want to know my potential clientele and their expectations- even if you don't live by me, I'd love to hear your input- basically if you would hire me and what would make it worth it for you!

Obviously fitness is a passion of mine and I've found a lot of satisfaction and pride in helping people meet their goals.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get back to this kind of shape...

Who's with me?? ;)
Miss those abs. They will reappear one day!


  1. Steph! It's so funny that you bring this up because I randomly started thinking the other day that I want you to train me. I remember when you were training for your competitions and I was so envious of your body and all of your hard work and dedication. I think a smaller home gym in your house is a fantastic idea because it can be very intimidating to go to a public gym and have people watching you as you work out. If you renew your license, sign me up! I would love to train with you.

  2.!!! This lady used her education and created her own job for herself and made it exactly how she wanted it. Look at all the things she has been doing and you will get some great ideas. A home gym would be awesome. Also the Hol-Fit girl does out door training for groups of mom's with their kids. Looks, from the pictures, like she has had good turnouts of woman signing up. She also has a home gym that she trains people in. Krysen Knight

  3. I wish I could hire you! I am just about to sign up at a gym but I always just end up doing cardio because I don't know the first thing about weight training. Being able to bring kids would be awesome too. Good luck!

  4. Steph! I'm 100% interested, and I'll definitely be one of your clients!!

  5. This is such a great idea! I have been struggling to lose the baby weight from my last baby who is now almost 10 months old. I have no idea what to do and it is so frustrating! But I love your plan of moms being able to bring the kids, because it is so hard to get a good workout in with kids running around. I would totally be interested! I have been following your blog for a while and it was so inspiring to watch you get in shape.

  6. Love this idea! I think it would be nice to also offer the chance to train with a friend. That way clients could pay a little less and it would be even less intimidating not being one on one. And of course being able to bring your kids is so so nice!

  7. You should absolutely do it! If I lived there I would come to you in a heartbeat!!! Makes me wish I was closer. DO IT!!

  8. I think it is an excellent idea, and you could be great at it. Be aware that there are a lot of laws regarding what is considered a day care so just be careful there!

  9. This is an awesome idea. I think by having a trainer that is not an employee of a gym chain, it would truly be a more personal and catered experience and definately less intimidating as well.
    It would be worth it to me if I could get an all-around health and fitness session- receiving a diet consultation and plan, getting in both cardio and weight training and also learning how to deal with eating and exercise outside the gym :)

  10. I would be one of your clients but we aren't in Utah anymore!! I'd love tips though. Payton is one next month and I'm back to my pre-preg weight but I don't exactly like how my body looks. I would love to be more toned...any tips on getting there? My hubby and I try to get to the gym 3 times a week while my mom stays home with babies sleeping but sometimes it's only twice a week. We do mostly weights and some cardio. I would love some advice on what I can do or if I need to do something differently. I would totally come to you as a personal trainer because I like the idea of being in a home and not with a bunch of guys. Hahaha good luck! I think it's an awesome idea!

  11. I think that's an awesome idea! I would totally be one of your clients if I lived near you :) Seriously, you should do it.


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