Thursday, August 18, 2011

decorating the bookshelf

Your husband thinks a bookshelf is just that- a shelf just for books. Mine does too, and doesn't see the point of knick knacks and decorative objects. Well that's why we're the decorators!
Now I am not an expert on this subject.. I know what looks good to me, but I still struggle to recreate these looks. But practice makes perfect! I've learned a few things about scale, and varying sizes, shapes and heights  so objects "pop" and create visual interest. But I think images can teach better than I can. I love these awesome inspirational pics:

 via pinterest

 via achados de decoracao
 by caitlin creer
 emily henderson
 by ana antunes (I believe)
 via lonny
 via oh happy day blog
 via peacock feathers

1 comment:

  1. oh i love all of these!! im so excited to move back to utah and decorate my house. i might have to have you come up and help me! :)


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