Monday, July 11, 2011

Before & After makeover!

Check this out, I'm kind of blown away....
Here are a few of the BEFORE shots. This person was brave, or maybe just very creative to see the potential in this house.

And the AFTER:
The green! The bright colors! So pretty...

 Love that light fixture

This has got to be the cutest patio I've ever seen!

This awesomeness brought to you by Nate Berkus' House Proud, featuring Gretchen from South Carolina =) This girl clearly has some awesome style.


  1. Ugh that is GORGEOUS. I am so tired of my dull apartment...but we can't do much about it since I can't paint walls and I don't have money for decorating. Two more years and I get to move and you get to make my house FABULOUS.


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