Friday, July 8, 2011


Alright so I peeked through some magazines at the airport(s) this past week, and came across this one:

It bothered me.  
I couldn't figure out why. I'm all about fitness, and I agree that teenagers should be fit for sure! I had no idea Seventeen had a fitness magazine, or maybe this is just a one-time special (anyone know for sure? I dunno, I don't read teen mags!)
So looking at the cover, then flipping through it, all I saw was a bunch of skinny celebs, some teen, some adults. In my opinion, I just don't like the idea of encouraging teenagers to strive for that perfect bikini body, with a cute butt. There was nothing "teen" about the content- it was the same stuff you see in People or Shape magazine. I just feel like they need to be healthy in their own ways- get into sports, be active, have good knowledge of healthy foods, normal teen stuff, but don't put even MORE pressure than they already have to be as skinny as their favorite celebrity. Get fit and be active because you feel good and its preventative, but obsessing about getting fit to strut around in your bikini to attract the boys? I don't like that message.
There's a fine line between encouraging fitness and fueling low self-esteem & eating disorders.
Any one agree?

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  1. I totally agree! I think girls look at that stuff and think something is really wrong with them/that they are fat if they don't look like that. And most people don't have the genes to have that kind of body. I know my body would NEVER look like that girls, even if I drank broth every day rather than eat. At that age it totally should be about being active and eating healthy foods that keep your body strong and give you energy.


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