Wednesday, September 18, 2013

family hike

I keep postponing blogging because I feel like I have nothing to report, but since Aaron's been home, it's been go-go-go!

We went hiking a few weeks ago and here's some fun pics from that:
We went up to Pleasant Grove to a trail that I CAN NEVER REMEMBER! I've asked Aaron like 14 times, and I've forgotten again. Some waterfall. It was pretty, and the leaves are juuuuust barely starting to change.
The boys did AH-mazing. I carried Mason because we figured Aaron would end up carrying Carter (he doesn't last too long with physical activity). But Carter made it the whole way!! It was a steep climb, and we went only about a mile up, and then back down, but that's impressive for an almost-4-year old.
We love being outdoors. Everything was so pretty too, sometimes I just look around and think- I can't believe we live here. Utah is SO awesome.

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