Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Help wanted

Ladies. I need your input. This is crucial.
I have the worst time picking things out on my own, and of course, my husband is of no assistance in matters like this...

So I thought I had a suit picked out, but I've still been looking around, and now I like 4 and can't decide. And let's be honest.. I've never put on a blinged-out crazy suit before...
Initially, I decided on this purple number.
 and they have something very similar in red.
 Then I found another website, that's slightly more expensive but I feel like they look better...
hot pink?
Green- my life-long love. I'm really liking this green one, but it is the most expensive.

So I welcome and encourage (and am telling you!) to give suggestions! Does it matter that much? I have no idea.. but ya know how you look at things so long that your judgment is clouded? That is me. 
Now go!


  1. i think you look good in purple! Im not much help cause these arent "every day" swimsuits ya know?

  2. I like the pink or green best.

  3. I'm with Anonymous...Purple is great but I do really like the green and pink. Good Luck!!

  4. I'm lovin the green. You would look awesome in green, but if it comes down to cost I would stick with the purple. I think the green and purple are the best!

  5. You are looking awesome! Seriously, I can't imagine how hard this must be. Anyway, I like the green one, but I think purple would look good on you, too. What do you mean you're not good at picking stuff out for yourself?!?!

  6. Green!!! You will look fabulous in any of those, but I love the green for you!


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