Tuesday, January 17, 2012

fashion finds

I'm not a huge fashion expert by any means, but I love finding outfits that look like they're from the runway, but they're actually affordable!
I've done posts about ASOS.com before, and here's another one, for I'm super excited about their skirts! I feel like whenever I need a good pencil skirt, they are nowhere to be found! Then I get desperate and pay top dollar for something I don't even really like.... but not anymore!

Check this Prada dress that's been on the runway, and on celebs:
Super bright and fun... and well, it's Prada so you know it's not cheap...

Enter asos:
On sale for $22!!!! Do I dare say I like the skirt version better??
 Here's some other really cute and fun skirts., 
None is over $100, and I think they're so chic and spring-y!

*Bonus: they have petite sizes, maternity, use PayPal and there's free shipping!

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