Saturday, January 14, 2012

Healthy eating Costco- style

I love me a good trip to Cosc...don't you? Except on Saturdays when those samples aren't even worth fighting the gazillion people all there for free food. It's kinda pathetic, if you think about it. I betcha a good round of samples on a Saturday could set ya back 400 calories! And then who can pass up the pizza slices on the way out, or the berry sundae... mmmm my fav.

Well, even if you're trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, Costco still comes to the rescue!
Here's my current collection of succulents that you can (and should enjoy) guilt- free!
K first off- the Basil pesto tilapia is off the hook. 130 cals a serving, takes 10 min to cook in the oven, and it rocks. Not fishy.

 A tub of Parmesan Reggiano cheese... Did you know that it's naturally made from skim milk, thus one of the leanest cheeses? A little goes a long way since it's a stronger, harder cheese... so enjoy your Italian!

Recent discovery- Kirkland Signature tubs of soup. Soup is so filling and can be very healthy and low in calories, hooray! The tortilla one is great, at 150 calories and even the barley vegetable is good, with only 80 calories!

A big ol stash of raw almonds.. Get gnawing. (PS I keep mine in the freezer... they'll last forever without going rancid).

Organic no-salt seasoning. I'm not an organic fanatic, unless there's like a sale or something. But there is sodium in EVERYTHING, so if you can get a good seasoning without, then awesome.

Jalapeno Greek yogurt dip. People it is SO good. With veggies, crackers, on sandwiches instead of mayo, etc.

And lastly, our friend, Muscle Milk light. In my opinion, chocolate is always safe and this protein drink is very tasty and only 100 cals.

Make some wise choices on your next trip to Costco =)

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