Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello. My bad, I've been a slow random poster.
Just reporting on my weekend, because it's been pretty fun:

Been workin on my son's room update. He's two and still in his crib (I'm not complaining) but I'm excited to switch to real bed eventually because I have some good plans!
This pic is crappy, but I'm kinda unsure about the colors in here.. they're kinda weird! I'll take some better ones once I'm done with the room.

I bought Carter a sweet fedora, taking the chance that he'd probably take it off and throw it on the ground like he does every time we try to get him to wear a hat. NOPE!! He loves this thing! Wore it all through church! $10 at Gymboree, total score
I found this hilarious picture on pinterest and had to share because, well, I'll be getting some spray tans here in the next couple months and I hope to high heaven that it does NOT TURN OUT LIKE THIS GUY!!

On the subject of working out... I need a new gym bag! Anyone know of a good and affordable place to find a cute one?? I'm kinda digging something like this but it's pricey. Boo
 And, me and some friends threw one of our besties, Paityn a baby shower! So fun, and she's the cutest prego girl ever...
 Yummy grub... wish I could share the leftovers with ya'll cuz they're STILL in my house, tempting me and sabotaging my fitness goals!
 How was your weekend?

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  1. haha oh my gosh that made me laugh out loud! that's the worst spray tan EVER! but SO hilarious!


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