Friday, March 25, 2011

milk glass

Remember that crap your grandma used to have all over her house called milk glass? That opaque, usually white glass that was made into her lamp base, and vases, and trinkets. Well it's back- just like everything else, and hey vintage everything is back. And I happen to love it! Last summer I shopped at a few antique shops in Ohio and was smitten with the fun textures and colors. There's just so many decorating purposes!

I'm totally digging these blues
 Bedroom collection?... why not I say
 My treasured little milk glass bowl with its lid
 I'm obsessed with moss... not sure why, but probably because it's such a rich green. So go figure that I really want to make these
 Let's play Where's Waldo-  milk glass version. Okay it's the chandelier. A pink milk glass one.. awesome

This image was what inspired me a few years ago- the little glasses in an office... could hold anything and everything!

So just FYI milk glass is still everywhere.. antique shops, flea markets, ebay and it's not too expensive. Or just steal some from grandma. I promise you she won't notice ;)

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  1. wow! maravilhoso, Steph! Tudo bem com você? Passa lá no Achados de Decoração para me visitar qualquer dia desses. beijos


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