Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arc floor lamps

When it comes to lighting, I like all sorts and of course I'm drawn to the more dramatic variety. I've become a fan of these arc floor lamps because they're simple, but totally not subtle. They really just bring a whole new dimension into a space and really can fill up an empty corner. 

This one's huge and I love it =)

This is Joi's living room from her awesome blog, Nuestra Vida Dulce. I remember when she added this lamp to this space and it was just the right touch!! Made me really contemplate buying one... in the near future, my friends

A tad different but a cool alternative to a table lamp for this cute little corner

Love this... where that white brick wall could look so empty, the arched lamp fills the space so nice

So are you a fan? I've found lots of varieties from places like CB2, overstock, and amazon even has em for less than $100!

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  1. There is a wide variety available in floor lamps. You can easily find them in different sizes and shapes.


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