Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stacie's makeovers

So I've been a little MIA when it comes to projects lately.. it's been really busy around here. But I love to post other friends and followers' ideas! (That being said, if you have a killer DIY project or craft, anything, email it to me so it can be shared on here!)
My pal Stacie has been on a rampage! She's Mrs. Fix-it at  her house and I love how these turned out...
Ordinary blah dresser . We've all seen these before (or probably have one)

Nice sand down, and a re-stain, with new hardware. It looks smashing! (And her daughter Ellie is so freakin cute right!)

So, I've been to Stacie's house and thought her cabinets were quite nice in her kitchen. But the dark color did not suit her and her husband.

Sooooo they transformed it themselves to my favorite- white kitchen cabinetry. Looks awesome, fresh and bright.

Way to go Stace and Mitch.

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