Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some house updates

My husband asks, why in the world are you still decorating our house when we're leaving in just over a week?!  (Moving to St. Louis for the summer). My answer- because I'm bored and I'm obsessed with decorating.
Men just don't understand. They think it's absurd to be decorating every other weekend, but what they don't understand is that it's a process. You're never "done" because A. you get sick of something or B. you discover a new way to display/arrange things. I'm guilty of both, and yes every other weekend.
So this past week, I put my wonderful fabric find to good use. You may recall my post back a few weeks ago about this fabric. I ideally wanted to find a cute chair to upholster, but we don't NEED chairs or have room for them. So I took down our outdated Jesus picture (my bad!) and put these up instead... hopefully I am forgiven.

The how-to:
 although I know this is nothing original... canvas pieces are everywhere but I was amazed at how inexpensive it was.
So instead of buying canvases, Ikea has these $5 wooden frames that you just nail together so it makes a hollow square, then staple fabric to it. So easy, so cheap... project total about $23!

Leftover fabric + unused frame= additional wall art

So on a whim I updated our existing bedroom. Disclaimer- I dislike the headboard. Too stark of contrast with the white white, so down the road I'll redo that. But I got a cheapo sunburst mirror at Hobby Lobby, and then recovered our Ikea lamp shades with this sassy leopard fabric that was $2. 

Don't mind the crap stack of books.. but the pop of gold with the leopard just makes it for me. AND the chevron pillow. 

 There was a time when I had a box of jewelry on my nightstand and I was SO SICK of my son Carter getting into it, knocking it down, breaking, tangling and losing my jewelry. 
My solution, to match my lamps =)

 My kitchen's wall collage got a little udpate. 
My goldie on the bottom left was a recent $3 find from Savers. I love the big floral print with the white frame, and here's why: It actually was an original, painted by Aaron's (my husband) great-grandma. Sentimental=cool. It came in an old school gold ornate frame (what am I saying.. I love that stuff!) But I really like to mix a modern frame with vintage art or vice versa so it doesn't look too stuffy or granny.
 I painted the inside of my bookshelf white. Thanks to my hideous paint color in the house, I've tried every trick in the book to brighten up my front room, to not look like a dark dungeon. This isn't a HUGE difference but I think it helps. And I love my striped bowl from TJ.


  1. Stephanie, darling! you´re absolutely right!! Men don´t get it!! They just don´t!! lol...

    I loved your house!! The colours are bold and the shiny textures are amazing!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Painting the inside of the bookshelf, I like that. Not too hard or expensive but a nice way to change it up/lighten it up. I'm a fan :)


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